U.S. National Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle
U.S. National Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle
U.S. National Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle

U.S. National Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Unmatched in speed, strength, and efficiency, the United States National Guard lives by their motto “Always ready, Always prepared.” Unique in protecting the nation and local communities, the Guard also is allowed to hold jobs, attend college, and train simultaneously. Thank you U.S. National Guard for serving when times are desperate and for the hope you bring.

U.S. National Guard


  • 1 Military Free Fall is where military personnel free-fall with a parachute at different altitudes: HALO (High Altitude – Low Opening) and HAHO (High Altitude – High Opening).
  • 2 Even after 60 years, the C-130 Hercules is the primary transport aircraft for airdropping troops and equipment.
  • 3 A Black Hawk helicopter was named after the Native American war leader Black Hawk (1767-1838).
  • 4 Firehawk Fire Fighting Helicopters deploys both water and other fire-retardant materials.
  • 5 The M1083 Cargo Truck can carry up to 10,000 pounds.
  • 6 MRAP Vehicle stands for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected. Yes, it can take a beating.
  • 7 The modern Army National Guard logo brings hope to anyone in trouble.
  • 8 Camp Grayling is the largest U.S. National Guard training facility in United States.
  • 9 The M1142 Tactical Fire Fighting Truck can travel through five types of fires/hazard terrains: including two-story structures; HAZMAT; and aircraft crashes.
  • 10 The HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) A4 Wrecker is for supplying vehicles and weapons.
  • 11 A breaching drill exercise help soldiers in rural and urban communities.
  • 12 Expert Infantry Badge (smoke EIB) is a tough badge to earn; only around 18% of the recruits acquire it.
  • 13 Combat Medic Training is a 16-week course, where soldiers learn how to provide medical help while working under normal and stressful situations.
  • 14 The National Guard Seal was inspired from a piece of art called Concord Minute Man.
  • 15 The Mortar Team shoots indirect firing system weapons from miles away.
  • 16 Weapons Training happens within the first week of a recruit’s arrival.
  • 17 Stinger Rocket Launcher is an infrared homing surface-to-air missile. That’s a crazy weapon.
  • 18 A Boeing CH-47 Chinook is one of the heaviest Western helicopters in use today.
  • 19 The Obstacle Course is also known as the “Confidence Course.”
  • 20 Sniper Training lasts for 42 days, 18 hours shifts each day, with no breaks.
  • 21 The M777 Howitzer’s nickname is “The Portable Beast” and can fire from 18 miles away.
  • 22 Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is meant to show your endurance in strength, ability, and cardio-respiratory fitness.
  • 23 The HH-60G Pave Hawk Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter recovers personnel in hostile environments during war.
  • 24 The Air National Guard has been active since 1947.
  • 25 “The Oath of Enlistment,” is what every service member promises.
  • 26 The Air National Guard Shield appeared in 2007.
  • 27 One of the most successful aircrafts is the F-15 Eagle because it can fly in all types of weather as a tactical fighter.
  • 28 Riot Control training is an annual exercise for the National Guard.
  • 29 Explosive Ordnance Disposal soldiers train to exploit unexploded devices by man or robot.
  • 30 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) can provide surveillance and reconnaissance, all based on instrumentation.
  • 31 Basic Combat Training lasts ten weeks to improve one physically and mentally.
  • 32 Radio Specialists are essential for communicating messages of the enemy to their Guard leaders.
  • 33 The Lift Truck Case 721 BXT RTFL can lift up to 8,000 pounds.
  • 34 Munitions specialize in supplying and maintaining ammunition–big and small– in training and battles.
  • 35 The National Guard rescue boat can travel through calm or white waters in any disaster.
  • 36 The Minuteman Monument represents how townspeople would lower their plows, raise their rifle and step forward into battle, anytime, anywhere.
  • 37 The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers was the first all African-American unit in U.S. military during the Civil War.
  • 38 “The Shot Heard Around the World” is the event that started the Revolutionary War.
  • 39 Minuteman uniforms came about during the Revolutionary War.
  • 40 On December 13, 1636, the first Muster, or soldier, appeared in Massachusetts Bay.
  • 41 Marquis de Lafayette popularized the term “National Guard” in 1824.
  • 42 Paul Revere is known for alerting the colonial militia with the phrase “The British Are Coming!”
  • 43 The Harlem Hellfighters were the first and only African-American New York National Guard unit.
  • 44 Thank you U.S. National Guard members for your service and courage!