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For examples and more information about being painted into the art of Eric Dowdle, enjoy the following videos:

A Part Of The Art Story...

Eric & Meg Dowdle

The day I met Eric, he was in his gallery painting. I was intrigued by the art he was currently working on and we started chatting. He asked me my name. I said, “Deb” and then he painted my name in some grass near a portly woman and her pet pig. Even today, after years of marriage, I love to point out my nearly invisible name in the grass to people and tell the story of how it got there. Within an hour of meeting the artist, I became immortalized into one of his paintings! Is that cool, or what?!

Now, as his wife, you can imagine that I’ve been painted into the art in a variety of ways. He’s painted me as a little girl. He sometimes adds tulips to a pairing because its my favorite flower. Once he even wrote me a message in the sails of some ships. I had to hold the art upside down to read it. It doesn’t get old! There’s a thrill about being a part of Eric’s art that’s hard to describe, even after all these years.


There’s always a story behind your image or initials, or whatever symbol represents you. I’ll highlight one for you now. For Eric’s birthday one year, we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. We took pictures, like most families do, and many of them were later used in the painting, Day at the Zoo. We rented a little red wagon and the kids took turns riding. Even Eric took a little break sitting in it under the shade.
That wagon was a life saver for us that day. Can you find me pulling our youngest son, Cody, in the wagon? Eric painted a little monkey into the wagon because Cody reminded us so much of Curious George. Today, Cody is very eager to point himself out to friends. It’s still a thrill for both of us.

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Eric has painted hundreds of people into the art already. In fact, when you look at any of the stadium art, many of the people in those stadiums are real! They’ve commissioned themselves to be placed with their favorite teams. It’s so fun! The only thing better than owning Eric’s art is personalizing yourself into Eric’s art and custom puzzles. Trust me. I know.

- Deb Dowdle

Writer and Co-owner at Dowdle Folk Art