100 Piece Puzzles

100 Piece Puzzles

100 Piece Puzzles

If you appreciate fine art and a quick brain-teaser, Dowdle 100 piece jigsaw puzzles are a great way to have fun and unwind. Especially popular among children, Eric Dowdle’s 100 piece puzzles are a unique way to enjoy the world-renowned folk art. 

Explore our wide collection of 100 piece traditional puzzles or, for a more time-consuming challenge, browse our range of intermediate jigsaw puzzles.


What size are Dowdle’s 100 pieces puzzles?

Our 100 piece jigsaw puzzles are 16 by 20 inches — perfect for puzzling on most tables. 

What’s the best method for completing a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle?

There are many ways to tackle a puzzle, but this is our suggested method: 

  1. First unpack the whole puzzle printed-side up onto a flat surface
  2. Begin by joining the corner and edge pieces together to form a border
  3. Group and join similarly colored or textured pieces — this will make things easier for you to connect the right pieces together from the border-in until you have completed your masterpiece

What’s the best way to move a 100 piece puzzle?

In the past moving a 100 piece puzzle meant sliding your puzzle onto something like a hard, flat piece of cardboard and then sandwiching between another hard piece of cardboard to flip your puzzle onto a new surface. However, puzzling no longer needs to be confined to one table. Puzzle trays allow you to take your puzzle to any space inside or outside the house! Try our 16" x 20" puzzle tray specifically designed to fit our 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. 

How long should a 100 piece puzzle take to complete?

Beginner puzzles can take up to 1 hour to complete — depending on the level of detail in the puzzle’s pattern and the age of the puzzler. A 100 piece puzzle is a thoughtful gift and a fun way to bond with your kids while working on a brain-provoking challenge.