No Missing Pieces

Dowdle Folk Art is committed to providing the highest quality products in “Bringing people together one puzzle at a time.” To facilitate this, we have our “No Missing Pieces” policy explained down below. 

No Missing Pieces: If you have a current puzzle title with a piece that is missing or defective, we will gladly send a, one time, complete puzzle replacement of the same title. Because our puzzles are cut seven different ways, it is not possible to replace a single missing piece. This policy extends up to one year after your purchase date

We do ask that before you contact us, check ALL possible places:

  • The floor
  • Under the table
  • Your elbows
  • Between the couch cushions
  • Inside the fridge
  • Those Christmas cards you wrote way back
  • Even your brother who takes a piece so that he can be the last one to finish the puzzle.

All requests are processed within 2-3 business days. Please submit them through the email provided down below with the following information:

  • An image of the puzzle showing the missing piece.
  • An image of the UPC barcode from the side of the box.
  • The name and piece count of the puzzle. (Example Sydney, 500 pieces)
  • The name and address to ship the replacement (Available in the USA and Canada Only.)
  • Approximate Date and Location puzzle was purchased
  • Imprinted Production Code on the bottom of the box (Example Below)

Imprinted Production Code

If you do find your missing piece before your replacement arrives, please inform us by email at Thank you for choosing Dowdle Folk Art! We strive to win your business every day.

*This does not apply to our handcrafted wooden puzzles that are created one at a time, not mass produced. Those go through a strict creation and quality control process before leaving our building to be shipped directly to you. 

*You, the buyer, are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods. We do not collect this beforehand, and cannot give you an estimate of the cost - charges vary around the world.