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To celebrate the National Park Service turning 100 this year we have launched completed a collection of 25 different National Parks. Enjoy this series of prints, stratascapes, coloring books, and puzzles.

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Welcome to Dowdle Folk Art! We’re thrilled to introduce you to this gorgeous and unique folk art, which you can enjoy in a variety of forms, including popular Dowdlepuzzles, Dowdledoodles, fine art, stratascapes, and more.Our puzzles feature a variety of collectible and wooden puzzles, including imaginative scenes for children and challenging puzzles for adults.Our fine art collection has the perfect piece for you if you would love to display unique folk art paintings in your home or art gallery. Each original piece is created from Dowdle’s firsthand experience and love for the subjects of his art. We hope you will enjoy these collections, learn how you can join our movement to “Be Part of the Art,” and develop your own love for Dowdle’sstories and work.

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We are able to customize any painting with you, your family, favorite pet, or other item within any of our art pieces. Learn how you can become a part of the collection


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Holy Week

  Whether you have traveled to the Holy Land, walked His footsteps in Jerusalem or not, this painting of Jerusalem takes you up close and personal to the events that occurred in this Holy City. This week marks a special time for people all over the world to come...

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Let’s Celebrate!

Capturing 130 Years This month has flown by for Eric with filming upcoming episodes of Painting The Town for BYUtv and a gallery cruise with Park West Gallery. Before he takes off again for Florida tomorrow to do another episode, he has been working hard this week on...

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All In A Day’s Work

So much has been going on at Dowdle this past month we simply must catch you up! Eric has started production on his new season of Painting The Town for BYUtv to air this fall, he's been sailing the high seas with Park West Gallery to Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and...

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Painting Yellowstone Video

When you think of the National Parks, you think of Yellowstone. It is the first of our parks. Yellowstone teaches us how to handle pressure. To me, it reminds me of so many different personalities that we all have. read more

The Siege at Yorktown

It was a small stage for a grand event in the history of United States of America. A place of grace, loss, achievement, stratagem, surrender, and victory. All of this in a small field, just outside the town of York in the state of Virginia. Six years since the...

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Radio Recap of Nashville, Tennessee

Check out anything you may have missed on our show featuring NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE where we... "Talk about the food, the fun, the flavor. Every town or city has a story to tell, and we get to tell that story!" See the entire Nashville Dowdle collection Nashville,...

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White House Cornerstone

Why is the White House where it is? How did the President of the United States come to dwell within the District of Columbia, just north of the Potomac River? Where did the city of Washington get its name? When did all that take place? A Brief History of Washington,...

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Radio Recap of Washington DC

Check out anything you may have missed on our show featuring WASHINGTON DC where we... "Talk about the food, the fun, the flavor. Every town or city has a story to tell, and we get to tell that story!" See the entire Washington DC collection Washington DC is full of...

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Painting Redwoods Video

Shop Redwoods National Park Art I love going to family reunions for several reasons. But the main one is I have eleven brothers and sisters, and I find a common bond, a thread that works through all of this that makes me feel at home. Well, that’s the Redwood Forest....

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Come Travel with Eric

As he has traveled the world to do research for his paintings, Eric has been exposed to numerous peoples and cultures. Being an artist is not just a job to Eric. It is a lifestyle in which he can connect with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Of all these travels to vast and beautiful places, his favorite is his home in Utah with his wife and five children. Find additional content on our website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

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