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Every person and every piece is important.

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"Dowdle art is just so great! We are so excited to do a personalized puzzle with all 7 of us in it! Also, I love your website with Eric talking about how each individual is important."
- Julie E.
"Why do I love Dowdle Puzzles? The imagination, creativity and the beauty and detail is why. Eric has put his heart into each one."
- Parker B.
"Puzzles are a great way for families to enjoy time together! I have been enjoying puzzles for many years but never as much as now since I found Dowdle Puzzles! The art is beautiful and I love that they tell a story in each and every puzzle I create. I can also say that the quality and packaging of this beautiful art is by far the best I have ever purchased!"
- Sherri H.
"My wife just brought home this puzzle and we had some fun putting it together with the kids. Thanks for doing what you guys do. We buy these every year for Halloween."
- Jeff D.