Chicago Navy Pier - 1000 Piece
Chicago Navy Pier - 1000 Piece
Chicago Navy Pier - 1000 Piece
Chicago Navy Pier - 1000 Piece

Chicago Navy Pier - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26 in.

In 1914 construction began on 1 of 5 proposed Chicago Municipal Piers, which turned out to be the only one built. It was to be for many public uses but World War I put on the kibosh. From 1917-1918 the pier was requisitioned for Navy, Army, and Red Cross personnel. After the war, the pier, now called the Navy Pier, became a hub of Windy City activity. More than 3 million people visited annually through the roaring ’20s. The World’s Fair brought a steady flow through the ’30s. Then war came again. The U.S. Navy utilized the Pier through WWII, it is Navy Pier after all. The University of Chicago took over from 1946 – 65 but then it saw little use for a decade. In 1976 exhibition halls and events started the resuscitation and after renovations in the early 1990s the Navy Pier again became a major Chi-town attraction. Today it is home to the 150 foot Navy Pier Ferris Wheel and Pier Park, Museums, exhibition halls, vendors, shops, sightseeing cruises, and tall ships. Eric’s painting, looking in from Lake Michigan, captures the beautiful cityscape as backdrop for the historic, wonderful Navy Pier.

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Updated December 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gavin Friedman
Amazing Puzzle

I spent about a week before and after school working on this puzzle. I’m missing two pieces though. I’m not accusing Dowdle because it’s very likely that it’s somewhere on the floor. I wanted to extend Dowdle’s idea on where to check for missing pieces, if any of you ever find yourself in this predicament. Try checking in the vacuum bag/compartment. If you vacuumed it, it might be there. Other than obvious places, extend your search to other rooms, because I several times have leaned on the table and some puzzle pieces stick to my arm without me noticing. I would also recommend grabbing a flashlight and looking behind and under things, and in vents. The missing piece part of this website covers some of these things but I wanted to extend the list having missed pieces first hand. I hope this review is helpful to anyone missing pieces, and I want to reiterate that the puzzle build was outstanding and I love the artwork, although it’s frustrating having a puzzle with 2 holes at the top.

Great puzzle wrong legend

Having lived in Chicago area enjoyed the puzzle but the Legend was completely WRONG. Please correct this.

Legend to Puzzle incorrect

Beautiful puzzle but the map legend is all wrong! Is there a corrected one online? The one I see online currently is still wrong.

Don's View

Very nice puzzle. I lived in Chicago for several years and have been to Navy Pier many times and been in all the major buildings shown.
Very annoying that the legend is so completely wrong.
Is there a corrected one available?

Wrong legend

I found the same thing that my legend of my 1000 piece puzzle was totally wrong. Very frustrating. It’s a beautiful puzzle but I would like an accurate description.