U.S. Coast Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle
U.S. Coast Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle

U.S. Coast Guard - Jigsaw Puzzle

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“Semper Paratus” isn’t just a fancy saying for the United States Coast Guard, it’s their core. Whether in the middle of war or during peacetime, they stand up to protect this land by upholding the law, stopping illegal smuggling, and providing humanitarian relief. What makes “The Guard” unique is that they are the only armed service in the Department of Homeland Security with both civilian and military responsibilities. We respectfully thank all of the U.S. Coast Guard military personnel for serving non-stop and always being ready. 

U.S. Coast Guard


  • 1 The MH-65 Dolphin Multi-Mission Cutter Helicopter (MCH) can be used in all types of weather– excluding icing conditions– for search and rescue operations along the coast.
  • 2 USCGC Eagle Ship was an acquired German sail ship and today the U.S. Coast Guard uses it as a training cutter for future officers.
  • 3 A “cutter” is a vessel 65 feet or longer in length that has a permanently assigned crew.
  • 4 The Long-Range Surveillance Aircraft (HC-130) is the biggest aircraft the Coast Guard uses to perform operations like search and rescue, surveillance, law enforcement, and international ice patrol.
  • 5 The CG P6 Pump is a portable pump to help dewater a sinking boat.
  • 6 The “Jayhawk” Recovery Helicopter is used for homeland security, patrols, search and rescue missions up to 300 miles offshore.
  • 7 The Sentinel-class cutter–aka the ”Fast Response Cutter”– has an endurance of 5 days when patrolling.
  • 8 Chatham Lighthouse –built in 1808– was rebuilt in 1877 with two towers. In 1923, the Northern tower was moved due to concerns of erosion, leaving one tower.
  • 9 The Coast Guard Station Chatham is located in Massachusetts.
  • 10 The Special Purpose Craft (SPC-SW) is designed to perform operations in shallow waters up to 18 inches.
  • 11 USCGC Hamilton served from 1967-2011 and could operate without refueling for 45 days.
  • 12 Since The Guard is on watch 24/7 for Search and Seizure Operations, they conduct about 109 search and rescues a day.
  • 13 The Coast Guard Air Station provides support for aircraft and is also a building station for aircraft.
  • 14 Control Towers help coordinate rescue aircraft as they perform their tasks and help them arrive home safely.
  • 15 Drug Interdiction is the interception of illegal drugs being smuggled by land, sea, or air.
  • 16 Short Range Prosecutors (SRP) are launched from cutters and help in intercepting and boarding suspect vessels.
  • 17 The USCG Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) is in charge of countering terrorist measures in the water.
  • 18 Coast Guard Water Tower Cape May is located in New Jersey.
  • 19 Out of all the Rescue Swimmers that apply to the Coast Guard, only 50% make it.
  • 20 The Search And Rescue (SAR) uses the Sea Doo watercraft for emergency operations in surf, white water, floods, etc.
  • 21 The U.S. Coast Guard motto is “Semper Paratus” or “Always Ready.”
  • 22 The Coast Guard Memorial is located in Arlington Cemetery and was dedicated on May 23, 1928.
  • 23 This memorial stands proudly in honor of Douglas A. Munro, who gave his life to save hundreds of U.S. Marines by purposefully placing his ship in front of the Japanese, so his comrades could escape. He is the only member of the U.S. Coast Guard to receive the Medal of Honor.
  • 24 The United States flag has three nicknames: Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • 25 The earliest record of the U.S. Coast Guard flag comes from a contemporary painting in 1840 showing a similar flag flying.
  • 26 President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially authorized the United States Navy flag on April 24, 1959.
  • 27 The U.S. Air Force flag has thirteen stars representing the original colonies.
  • 28 The emblems of the eagle, anchor, and globe have been part of the U.S. Marine Corps since 1868 and officially in the flag on January 18, 1939.
  • 29 The blue insignia on the U.S. Army flag depicts a roman cuirass, which represents defense and strength.
  • 30 Coast Guard Training Center Cape May in New Jersey is the 5th largest base in the Coast Guard.
  • 31 Alexander Hamilton founded the Coast Guard on August 4, 1790 and originally called it the Revenue Marine.
  • 32 The statue of Douglas A. Munro sits at the Coast Guard Training Camp in Cape May, New Jersey. See 23
  • 33 The Coast Guard Memorial in Battery Park New York was dedicated on May 30, 1955 to all U.S. Coast Guards who served during WWII.
  • 34 U.S. Coast Guard Ensign colors on the flag – Red: youth and sacrifice; Blue: justice and opposition to oppression; White: desire for purity.
  • 35 A drug bust is when illegal drugs are acquired by law-enforcement.
  • 36 In the U.S. Coast Guard, the recruits refer to their drill instructor as “Company Commander.”
  • 37 Coast Guard Boot Camp happens at Sexton Hall in Cape May, New Jersey for over 50 days.
  • 38 The Coast Guards nicknames: “Coasties” and “The Guard.” – Pick your favorite!
  • 39 Sinbad the dog was adopted on the cutter Campbell in 1938 and became the ship’s mascot. He served for eleven years during WWII.