All Hallow’s Eve - Jigsaw Puzzle
All Hallow’s Eve - Jigsaw Puzzle

All Hallow’s Eve - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Relive the Halloween of your childhood again as you lose yourself in this colorful and spooky masterpiece. This quaint, little village is bathed in an eerie orange light and vibrant fall colors. Look for all of your favorite halloween activities including pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and a haunted house.

All Hallow's Eve


  • 1 Slowly...slowly....
  • 2 Trick or Treating! The best part of Halloween!
  • 3 The black cat is a classic symbol of Halloween that spooks trick-or-treaters.
  • 4 Dressing up on Halloween is so FUN!
  • 5 To all parents, thank you.
  • 6 “Halloween” originally was called “Alholowmess” or All-Hallows Eve, a middle east word that means “All Saints Day.”
  • 7 Even the animals are getting into the Halloween spirit.
  • 8 On the night of October 31, it was believed that the ghosts of the deah returned to the earth for a bit.
  • 9 To avoid being recognized by the ghosts when people left their homes after dark on Halloween, they would wear masks so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits.
  • 10 “Double, double, toil and trouble” Who spoke this unforgettable line?
  • 11 Arrg matey! Watch out for the peg legged man!
  • 12 They make pumpkin carving look so easy and not messy.
  • 13 Superhero in training.
  • 14 Picking the perfect pumpkin.
  • 15 Bats can fly at speeds of up to 60 mph.
  • 16 Admit it, scaring geese is always fun!
  • 17 The Egyptians used the first scarecrows in recorded history to protect wheat fields along the Nile River from flocks of quail.
  • 18 During a 100 year period, a full moon happens only four or five times on a Halloween night and is called a “Blue Moon.”