A Gaggle of Presidents

Did you know you can find *43 presidents of our country in the Washington, D.C. painting?

But that’s not all! You can find Forrest Gump, Uncle Sam, Martin Luther King and more. Go ahead. Find them…

I know… I know… it’s too small. I’m being cruel. But that will soon end.

I have a cheat sheet!

Download it and find our presidents.  You will see them depicted with a story about their life.

George Washington, Crossing the Delaware

Here are the first 10 out of 100 vignettes you can try to find:

  1. George Washington. He’s crossing the Delaware
  2. John F. Kennedy saving a man during WWII
  3. Honest Abe
  4. President Ford Eagle Scout
  5. President Grant got a speeding ticket on his horse
  6. Resident Reagan, movie star, jelly bean lover, saved 70 people as a lifeguard
  7. Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  8. Uncle Remus
  9. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  10. The Sorensens, owners of the original painting
*painted pre-Obama

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