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Washington DC is full of great leaders! Examples of outstanding leadership surrounds you while on the grounds of the Mall. You have those from centuries ago to the few just starting to make their mark. The city itself stands as a leader to the many states united with it.

On the thought of leaders, Eric asked us… “Do you have an example of a great leader in your life?”


Wally grew up with the influence of a great Scout Master, the kind that every kid dreamt of having. He got all the boys excited and ready to go on a kayaking trip, but with kayaks that he helped build with them by hand. They spent an entire year building those kayaks, all while learning valuable life lessons.


I didn’t mean to be a downer, but the first thought that popped into my head when Eric asked that question was… “You have to know the bad to know the good, right?” I then blurted out an example of a BAD leader in my life. I had a softball coach that didn’t know how to motivate us girls to do what we all wanted to do, win. Instead of teaching us the fundamentals of the game, she just ran us through drills. So once we got out on that field, we didn’t have a clue on what we were doing. In the end her example did teach me on what not to do 😉


Eric’s mother is the epitome of a great leader. She lead 12 children up to be hardworking, successful parents. Her job was not a walk in the park, but she commanded the respect of those 12 kids and they followed with obedience. That said, respect like that doesn’t happen over night. She created strategies that got her children excited to do whatever she placed in front of them. Some coaxing often took place, but they were able to achieve great things.


 Get to know Virginia Ali


In 1958, newlyweds Ben and Virginia Ali used $5,000 to begin renovating a building at 1213 U Street. On August 22, 1958, Ben’s Chili Bowl opened for business. After a 50 plus year journey, business is booming and the Ben’s brand is red hot.

Our One-Minute Madness Interview with Virginia

  1. Who is your favorite President? – “Obama”
  2. Republican or Democrat? – “Democrat”
  3. Favorite Monument in DC? – “The Big Monument”
  4. Do you like the “U Street Taco?” – “Yes! I do like it” (Listen to the show to find out what exactly is a “U Street Taco”)
  5. What’s your biggest pet-peeve when it comes to tourists? – “Not eating at Ben’s Chili Bowl!”
  6. Did you want to be president when you were a kid? – “No, I did not”
  7. Name an item on your bucket list. – “Come to Utah and see where you guys do the radio show” (I swear we didn’t tell her to say that! But how sweet :))
  8. Do you claim the Redskins or a different NFL team? – “Yes” (Yes to the Redskins being her team)
  9. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? – “Martin Luther King Jr.” (All our jaws dropped at that one!)
  10. Who is the first person you call when you’ve had a bad day? – “My best friend Mary!” 


Our Take Away

Wally about lost it when Virginia told us she has met, no, shaken hands with, Martin Luther King Jr. *mic drop. That was enough to make Wally’s week!

The International Spy Museum definitely sparked something in me. You can actually learn what it takes to be a secret operative in the world of espionage?! Okay maybe not everything… But it would still be cool.

Once Eric learned about the “U Street Taco” that was it. I don’t want to give anything away 😉 you’ll have to listen for yourself to see what makes the “U Street Taco!”

We’ve had a lot of fun talking about WASHINGTON DC, join us next time for Traveling with Eric Dowdle!


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