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Huntington Beach is that place where all the cool people hang out. It’s like that party you always want an invitation to. Everyone gathers together and enter full relaxation mode. You look around and it has the feel of everybody in their element. Surfers, sun bathers, volleyball players, families, young and old folks. All are welcome to come and relax at this iconic beach, maybe even be one of the “cool kids” for a day.

Speaking of cool, Eric wanted to know… “What does it mean to be cool? And have you ever felt like you were the cool one?”


Wally may not have always felt like the cool kid, but at his senior prom, he was the kid everyone wanted to be. At one point his father owned a DeLorean and lent it to him as his prom chariot. In fact, he felt so cool he went around and got in and out of the DeLorean seven times.


The cool kid to me has always been the “funny one.” Everybody loves the funny guy! I think what makes them so likable is how confident they are. It takes guts to do some of the things that get a good laugh. Yet, they never seem phased, just happy in their self assurance. Even if they may feel embarrassed, you would never know.


Eric also felt that the cool kid had a lot of confidence. Nothing is worse than seeing someone trying too hard to be somebody they aren’t. The person you like to follow or enjoy being around is the one that likes themselves (not too much ;)). Know who you are and embrace it, feeling comfortable in your own skin helps those around you feel the same.

Be the “Huntington Beach” among friends. Relax, be confident, and show up in a DeLorean to a few events.


Get to know Jonathan Johnson


Jonathan Johnson is the president of the MoreGood Foundation. He enjoys adventure in great places. He has four children and loves to mountain bike, surf, ski and spend time with his family. Having lived in California, he has a great appreciation for the beauty it has to offer.

Our One-Minute Madness Interview with Jonathan

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla? – “Vanilla
  2. Name an item off your bucket list. – “Sky-dive” 
  3. What’s your favorite movie? – “Mission Impossible”
  4. What was the last book you read? – “Wikipedia”
  5. What’s your favorite holiday? – “Christmas”
  6. What do you miss most about being a kid? – “Being cool”
  7. One place you could travel to right now? – “Tahiti”
  8. What is your weirdest quirk? – “My hairy back”
  9. What movie was the DeLorean in? – “Back to the Future”
  10. Who is the person you call when you have had a bad day? – “My wife”

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Our Take Away

Wally wants to make it to the beach in a wetsuit and a surf board in hand. It may be his first time, but he wants to try and ride a wave.

The humiliation of not knowing the official name of the car from Back to the Future was fun. I now, and will forever know, what a DeLorean is.

Jon told us all how we need to plan a trip to go to Huntington Beach with our families. It’s a great place to go and play together.

Eric learned that the beach is not a place you bring your cat. Cats and sand, they don’t mix well. This is the beach you take your dog to.

We’ve had a lot of fun talking about HUNTINGTON BEACH, join us next time for Traveling with Eric Dowdle!



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