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See the Bermuda Folk Art


Welcome to the beautiful island of Bermuda! Home of the kind people known as “Onions,” the Night-blooming Cereus flower, and the birthplace of the Bermuda Shorts fashion. Feel as though you have made it to “Neverland” and get lost. Enjoy some fresh fish while taking in the views of blue skies against the colorful homes and the famous white rooftops. As mentioned before, this is the place to lose oneself, so Eric wanted to know… “Have you ever been lost?”

Wally recalled several times where he and his buddies would hop in someone’s car and drive around DC until they were indeed, lost. The fun part for them was trying to find their way back home. Often times this ended with a stop to call their parents.

Our guest, Joe Morton, talked about his favorite thing to do when he travels, which is to take in the place he is visiting by running through it all. To him it’s like, “Oh the places you’ll run,” or in many cases, oh the places you’ll get lost! In one particular location, that did happen. He was running with a few of his friends in Japan and got swept up in the whole city, evidently getting extremely lost. The difficult part was getting back to the hotel because no one spoke any English. Basically miming was the only way to communicate where he needed to go.

I remembered a time where I got lost, however it wasn’t because I got swept up in having fun with my buddies, or overcome with the sites of a new city… no I just got lost trying to find my hotel room. Granted I was only 10, but for the life of me I could not remember which room my family was staying in. I knew I was on the right floor so I just kept running around hoping for something to look familiar. Thankfully I heard my dad laugh so loud I could hear him down the hall and through the door. I guess being loud has it’s perks.

Eric brought up the time he went on a hike with his Boy Scout troop and somehow got lost in a cave. It was one of those moments where it felt the staircases changed on him like in Harry Potter. There was no exit in site! Eric doesn’t remember a time ever praying as hard as he did right then. Not only was he lost, but he was responsible the lives’ of 10 other boys. He can’t quite recall how they got out of there, yet it was nothing short of a miracle.

Kind of like Bermuda, it may have just been stumbled upon, but we sure are grateful for its beauty.



Today’s place is a story of two words:  Deliverance and Patience.

In 1609 the English vessel “Sea Venture,” on her way to resupply the early residents of Jamestown, was blown into some reefs just off the coast of America by a terrible storm.  All 150 people made it to the shore alive—one of these was John Rolfe, who would later become famous for marrying Pocahontas.  But at this point he had a wife, who was pregnant with their first child.  She became the first child born on this uninhabited island—and so took on and so the name of the place, Bermuda. 

It took a year for them to build two smaller ships that would carry them to the New Land.  In that time they had plenty to eat—finding the land a wealth of fish, birds and wild hogs.  They weren’t the first to be shipwrecked here, but we’ll talk about that more in a moment.

In 1610, with two brand new ships, the Deliverance, and the Patience sailed for Jamestown carrying most of the original crew.  John Rolfes’ wife and daughter had passed away, but he started a legacy of families coming to this beautiful island and enjoying it’s bounty of food, mild climate, and proximity to a “new world.”

It is rumored that Shakespeare wrote his play, “The Tempest” based on many facts surrounding this shipwreck in “the new world.”  In fact the first performance was in 1611—only two years later. 

In 1612 the British came here to settle, and Richard Moore because the first British Governor of Bermuda.    They built a town called Saint George—named after Admiral George Somers, who died here in 1610 while gathering food for those still starving in Jamestown.  Once discovered, this place became a bounty for all who came. 

Deliverance and Patience are ships; but they are also qualities of this beautiful place.  Bermuda waited years to be discovered—and along the way it’s rich natural resources were augmented by hogs dropped off by Spanish Sailors.  They wanted there to be food in case others became ship wrecked.  So when the “Sea Venture” wrecked, it’s people had food.  These hogs had multiplied and run free on the island for over 50 years.   Deliverance not only sailed to America as a ship, but also came in the form of food that kept the settlers of this place alive. 

Get to know Joe Morton


Xango founder, leader, family man, businessman, world traveler, adventure seeker. He loves spending time with his wife, Caryn, and their four children. He also contributes his time and resources to things like leading charitable missions through the XANGO Goodness Foundation, and he has served on the board of an area Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club, along with the Boy Scouts of America. And watch out mountain peaks of the world: Joe has begun his assault on “the Seven Summits,” the highest points on each of the world’s seven continents (two down, five to go!)

Our One Minute Madness Interview with Joe

  1. What’s your favorite flavor of ice-cream? – “Oreo cookie”
  2. What’s your motto in life? – “You become what you think about all day”
  3. If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be? – “Michael Jordan”
  4. What is your favorite thing to do outside? – “Triathlons”
  5. Where were you born? – “Toronto, Canada”
  6. What was your favorite toy as a kid? – “GI Joe”
  7. Name one place you could travel to right now. – “Thailand”
  8. What do you call your grandparents? – “Nona & Nono”
  9. Name an item off your bucket list. – “Finish the Seven Summits”
  10. Who is the first person you call when you have had a bad day? – “My wife”



Best of the Best of the Best “Sir!”

  1. DOCKYARD HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT/HISTORICAL TOUR – Join historical characters for an 1864 tour of the Royal Naval Dockyard. Your tour guide interacts with the Re-enactment as you are led into the Victualing Yard for a stand still skit at 9:45 am. following the skit, the Walking Tour continues until 10:30 am finishing in front of the Clocktower Shopping Mall.
  2. HARBOUR NIGHTS – With the glorious Bermuda sun setting on Hamilton Harbour as a backdrop, Harbour Nights provides locals and visitors with a uniquely Bermudian retail, dining and entertaining experience. Local craftsmen and artisans alongside culinary delights as diverse as the local population give way to live performances and cultural expositions.
  3. ST. GEORGE – The Town of St. George is the oldest continuously occupied town of English origin in the new world. Picturesque cottages, quaint lanes and alleyways, and a wealth of historic architecture attract visitors from all over the world. The town and its surrounding fortifications were recently designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Dotted with 18th century homes, colonial landmarks, and thriving businesses, restaurants and shops, the Town of St. George is a breathtaking blend of both colonial and modern worlds.
  4. SUNRISE AT GATES’ BAY – The first sunrise hits Bermuda in the east, exactly where the early settlers arrived onshore to begin their new life in Bermuda. Stand in their footsteps and take in a piece of history.
  5. SUNSET AT DANIELS HEAD PARK – This westerly ocean peninsula overlooks the waters of Somerset Long Bay and is one of the best places to watch the sun sink into the sea. Watch as the moon takes its place and the evening sounds of Bermuda become a lively soundtrack.
  6. CRYSTAL CAVES OF BERMUDA – 120 feet underground you will find one of the largest cave systems on the island. Discover dramatic stalactites and stalagmites as you walk across the pontoon bridge underground Cahow Lake (which is already 55 ft deep)!
  7. BERMUDA FARMERS’ MARKET – Every Saturday from 8-1 take appreciation for the vegetables, baked goods, fish, jams, and so much more at the Bermuda Farmers’ Market. You can also participate in some crafts and let your kids have a pony ride.
  8. MINI-BUS SERVICE – 4-5 hour pre-arranged tours take you to see the beaches, two lighthouses, old homes, the town of St. George, the city of Hamilton, and even Crystal Caves of Bermuda. Learn the history, people and lifestyles, real estate, school system, water system, and farming. It also offers a beach shuttle from cruise ship docks in the city of Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyard to popular beaches such as Horseshoe Bay Beach.
  9. DOLPHIN TOURS – Take the opportunity to swim with some of the most majestic, intelligent, and kind animals. Learn more about this fantastic creature and get right up close.
  10. CALICO JACK’S PIRATE FIRE SHOW – Ahoy! Join this amazing interactive showcase to see stunts, sword fighting and a spectacular fire dance display. The showcase is approximately 30 minutes long, with photo opportunities immediately after.


Our Take Away

As great as some of the tours in Bermuda are, Wally wants to hop on a moped and take everything without any one talking to him.

I need to go to the local market and get my shopping on! You gotta love seeing artisans working and selling their craft. Also a trip to the beach with pink sand? Can’t miss that.

Joe has two things he wants to do next time he visits, take his boys and explore some of the underwater caves; and go see the entertaining re-enactment put on at the Town Hall Square in St. George, Bermuda.

Eric was reminded to bring home authentic gifts from the places he travels, because with those come great stories and memories. When you come, let loose, enjoy your surroundings, and get lost!

We’ve had a lot of fun talking about BERMUDA, join us next time for Traveling with Eric Dowdle





  1. Nancy Roeger August 10, 2016 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Just saw your North Shore, Oahu show — I lived at Waimea by the “tower” in 1971. It was a lovely revisit! At the end, I connected your name to the Lake Tahoe puzzle I had done this past year — another favorite summer vacation spot growing up.
    So much fun and such great color in your art!
    QUESTION: What medium do you use? Acrylic? Gouache? My son and I both paint a little and we have a bet going on WhatsApp — he’s in New Zealand and I’m in San Diego.

    • Jeremy August 11, 2016 at 1:50 pm - Reply

      That is so great! Glad to hear that you have multiple connections to us! All of Eric’s paintings are done with Acrylic. Hope you have the winning bet 😉

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