What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle
What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle

What a Wonderful World - The World's Largest Puzzle

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The World's Largest Puzzle
by Dowdle

Imagine a puzzle that’s 8’ tall and 29’ long filled with vibrant images of the world’s most interesting places. At 60,000 pieces, What a Wonderful World is the world’s largest puzzle and features the art of Dowdle.

A challenge for even the most proficient puzzlers, What a Wonderful World is a fully interlocking masterpiece that takes puzzling to new heights. Crafted into 60 extra-large 1,000 piece puzzles this supersized puzzle can be done in sections and then locked together into one big, beautiful puzzle.

What a Wonderful World features the art of 187 different paintings from the Dowdle art studio. These beautiful and vibrant paintings showcase the wonders of our magnificent world. Explore the islands of the pacific, twinkling lights of Paris, beauty of the Taj Mahal and the majesty of America’s National Parks on your puzzling journey.

What a Wonderful World is crafted from premium bluechip cardboard and expertly made to seamlessly lock together. Each box contains 60 individually bagged puzzles, 60 large puzzle reference posters, and a master legend showing the placement of each puzzle.

Can you conquer the world’s largest puzzle? What a Wonderful World is the ultimate jigsaw puzzle challenge—great for individuals, families, work teams, and schools.  


  • Features images from 187 Dowdle paintings
  • World’s largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle with 60,000 pieces and measuring 8 feet by 29 feet
  • 60 interlocking 1,000-piece puzzles can be assembled separately and brought together to make one gigantic masterpiece
  • Each puzzle is sealed in a separate bag, simplifying the assembly process, and ensuring no pieces are lost
  • Puzzle contains 60 reference posters and a master legend to show where each puzzle fits
  • A fun, educational family and team building activity
  • Excellent brain boosting activity
  • Hours, days, and weeks of engaging fun
  • Made with premium blue chipboard

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Updated December 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mariusz Slizewski
Jigsaw 60000

Great Jigsaw!!! The biggest Jigsaw in the world, beautiful motif, golden continents, I like it very much and I plan to hang it

Valerie Mobley
AMAZING customer service!!!

A few days before ordering this puzzle, I placed it in the cart and made a fake name consisting of two letter, and added my shipping address just to get an estimate for the shipping cost. Days later, when I went to order the puzzle, that name stayed and I didn't notice it. I had only verified the shipping address to be correct. Well, the customer service person i spoke with was understanding and made the change for me. Then, the PO rejected the package and it got sent back, so I had to provide another shipping address. It's annoying to say the least, but I spoke with the same amazing customer service rep who helped. Because of this, I will continue to buy from them because they seem to truly care about their customers.

Thomas B
Fun! Fun! Fun!

I've only had this puzzle for nine days now, but I'm having loads of fun with it. I wondered if there would be some damage to the box during shipping. Surprise! It was in perfect condition when it arrived!
Such a huge puzzle - I'm looking forward to months more fun with it.

Amazing puzzle , name and picture 👌

Amazing , enjoying puzzling the largest puzzle in the world 🥰

Jim Purdy
Good things come in big packages ...

First of all, you better have a huge wall to mount this puzzle since it's massive in size. I am an avid woodworker with a workshop that has a 48-foot wall that is 12-feet tall, and this completed puzzle will dominate that wall at 8-feet by 29-feet.
Second, you'll need to give your delivery driver a cold beer, since the shipping box is uber-heavy.
As for the puzzle, it's a lot of work, but Dowdle has done a really good job at making it "bite sized" pieces. There are 60 puzzles of 1,000 pieces each that come individually bagged and tagged in three hefty boxes that are then packed in a huge shipping over-pack carton. For those puzzle builders who like to do the outside pieces with their one-flat-edge before filling in the myriad of inner pieces, there is some not-so-good news. Of the 60 separate puzzles, none have straight edges on four sides. In fact, only 4 puzzles have even two sides with straight edges, while 24 have one straight edge and the remaining 32 have only puzzle-piece edges. But, fear not, Dowdle includes individual folded-pictures of each individual puzzle to help out. Plus, they provide a five-panel-fold-out map of the finished puzzle with all 60 puzzles identified.
Unless you have a death wish, plan on taking months to finish this behemoth. We have a lot of family events, and we own two larger format puzzle tables (with those uber-handy side drawers for sorting puzzle pieces, so we just put out a puzzle and let family curiosity take over. Our only family complaint came when someone wanted us to work on puzzle #42 for our second puzzle. It was all I could do to get them to understand that starting with #1, then #2 and so on was the only way practical considering I would have to store each numbered section on a feet of hardboard until #60 was done. Inventory control is hard enough with 60 puzzles, but if they are done out of order, it just makes a hard job never-ending.
And finally, there is the Dowdle guarantee of no-missing-pieces. Murphy’s Law says that there is zero probability of actually accounting for all 60,000 pieces. One will fall by the wayside, somewhere in the process. The idea of having a massive 232 square foot puzzle mural … with one missing piece … is not something anybody would want. Dowdle to the rescue!
And don’t get me started on the little “nuggets” hidden in the puzzles. I snicker whenever I see one, and there are hundreds in this huge puzzle. Any mind that creates something like these puzzles in something else. If you’ve ever seen the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” this puzzle should be the ending that movie needed.
Wait for one of the Dowdle sales, and take the plunge. It ain’t cheap. But, if you have a space to display it, you’re gonna be proud of the finished product. I just hope it doesn’t end up gracing the wall of your three-car garage … unless you have three Ferraris, of course.
I drive a pick-up truck and my wife drives a Suburban, but I'm proud of my woodshop and this mural puzzle will fit in quite nicely with a pleasant wood frame around the edges. I just hope I can live long enough to step back and admire the finished product. The good news is that my son is a puzzler, and he'll step up for whatever I can't finish. It's a family affair after all and all of us have beautiful minds