Vernal - Jigsaw Puzzle
Vernal - Jigsaw Puzzle

Vernal - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Vernal, Utah is a town filled with excitement of rodeos and recreational activities along with a rich history dating back to the Jurassic Era! Hence the nickname Utah’s “Dinosaur Land!” But it didn’t start off that way. Unlike many Utah cities, Latter-day Saints did not establish Vernal. After Brigham Young sent a scout party in 1861, they reported the land being good for nothing, leaving it untouched. Pardon Dodds–a retired Indian Reservation worker–would visit the valley from time to time, eventually loving it and establishing the first home here leading to its incorporation on December 28, 1897. Twelve years later in 1909, multiple dinosaur bones were found about 15 miles outside of the city, and almost 40 years later, oil was discovered, proving jobs for the residents here! Trust me, Vernal is one small town you don’t want to miss seeing, especially as you build this puzzle, discovering the secrets of Vernal, Utah along with Eric’s humor in folk art style!



  • 1 Remember the Maine Park is a monument to recall the ship named the “MAINE,” whose sinking began the Spanish-American war. Look for the U.S. flag painted on a cliff.
  • 2 Flaming Gorge Dam was built in 1964 and is over 502 feet above the Green River.
  • 3 Moonshine Arch is 85 feet in length and 40 feet above ground.
  • 4 Uintah Utes High School has been around since 1927.
  • 5 The Utah State Building & Aggie Bull are a fun place to visit here.
  • 6 “Rex” loves dressing up for every holiday like Christmas, Easter, or Valentines Day.
  • 7 The United States Post Office of Vernal was established in the late 1800s and incorporated in 1897.
  • 8 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church originated from the Church of England.
  • 9 “Let’s Swim” is the name of the orange dinosaur motel sign.
  • 10 The Bank of Vernal was constructed in 1916-1917, with each brick being mailed one by one.
  • 11 The Regional History Center was established in 1982.
  • 12 War Monument in Vernal, also known as the Doughboy Statue, is a monument for those who sacrificed their lives in WWI & II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm.
  • 13 Cobble Rock Park is a local gathering spot.
  • 14 The Ashley Trading Post is very iconic to Vernal.
  • 15 Utah Field House of Natural History and Dinosaurs is also the official Vernal Information Center.
  • 16 The “I Love Drilling” sign signifies that drilling is one of the 3 major things that sustains the economy in Vernal.
  • 17 Vernal’s nickname is “Dinosaurland” because it is home to the largest quarry of prehistoric Jurassic dinosaur bones.
  • 18 The Tithing Office of Vernal was built in 1887.
  • 19 Vernal Latter-day Saint Temple was formally the Uintah Stake Tabernacle.
  • 20 This horse pulling bricks is showing how this bank was the first to be delivered by postage in the United States.
  • 21 The Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo is a huge tourist attraction that includes the demolition derby, monster truck rally, and bull riding.
  • 22 You know a monster truck is awesome when it’s pink!
  • 23 Dinahland Golf Course has a water slide near it called “Big Kahuna.”
  • 24 Split Mountain has a beautiful view of the city and surrounding area that many will tell you is worth the trip.
  • 25 Fantasy Canyon was discovered in 1909 and is famous for its strange erosions that have created complex yet beautiful shapes.
  • 26 Oil Tower symbolizes the first oil well discovered in Utah.
  • 27 The Famous “Teapot” landmark is located in Fantasy Canyon.
  • 28 County Commissioners left to right: Brad Horrocks, Duane Shepherd, and Bill Stringer.
  • 29 Sheriff Vance Norton & Wife love this painting!
  • 30 William Henry Ashley is a Fur Trapper of whom the valley was named after.
  • 31 Senator Kevin Van Tassell for Utah.
  • 32 Representative Scott Chew for Utah.
  • 33 Gary Showalter is the local iconic figure of Vernal.
  • 34 The Dinosaur Museum is an amazing quarry of dinosaur bones–150 million years old discovered in 1909.
  • 35 Vernal is the largest city in Uintah County, 175 miles east of Salt Lake City and 20 miles west of the Colorado border.