Trick or Treat - Jigsaw Puzzle
Trick or Treat - Jigsaw Puzzle
Trick or Treat - Jigsaw Puzzle
Trick or Treat - Jigsaw Puzzle

Trick or Treat - Jigsaw Puzzle

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On this festival night in Alamo Square
The chilly season of Fall hangs in the air
San Franciscan children all can feel
Dressed as ghost and gremlins, this is a night to steal.

These friendly phantasms drift door to door
With satchels and buckets in hand to score
Sweet candies, and treats, and fun galore.

With a ring of a doorbell the ritual starts
And an opening door is the cue to the part
Where shouts of "Trick or Treat!” warm the heart.

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Trick or Treak


  • 1 Mr. Spider wanted to get in on the fun of dressing up for trick-or-treating.
  • 2Looks like this little guy is preparing for the best scaring night ever!
  • 3 Pirate flag blowing, even when there is no wind…scary.
  • 4 Mr. Firefighter taking a break and earning his treats this fun night.
  • 5 Do you dare enter a door with a spider on it?
  • 6 This family is bugging out on this festive night!
  • 7 Frankenstein’s son loves this night, since he can eat all the candy he wants.
  • 8 Happy Halloween Everyone! Make sure to stop at every house this year.
  • 9 A witch’s attire must have a hat, cloak, and a pair of yellow, black and red striped socks.
  • 10 Look’s like the Boogie Man’s son wants to get in on the festivities!
  • 11 BFF’s in life and BFF’s in the afterlife.
  • 12 See if you can find all eleven Jack-O-Lanterns.
  • 13 Looks like one little girl had a fun vacation and is being her favorite mouse.
  • 14 Lady Liberty strolling down Alamo Street. Keep up the good work!
  • 15 Can you find all seven ghosts?
  • 16 Enjoy this night humans, for it maybe your last…