St. Petersburg - 1000 Piece
St. Petersburg - 1000 Piece
St. Petersburg - 1000 Piece
St. Petersburg - 1000 Piece

St. Petersburg - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26 in.

"What's in a name?" In the case of St. Petersburg, Russia, there is a lot. In 1703 Tzar Peter I (Peter the Great) built a city on the site of the conquered Swedish fort of Nyenschnatz. This city was to be "The Window to Europe." It was named St. Petersburg and it was the Russian Capital until 1917. Leaders and architects ensured that St. Petersburg was rich with breathtaking landmarks. At the outbreak of World War I the name changed to Petrograd (Peter's City.) In 1924 when Lenin died, Petrograd was renamed Leningrad, a tribute to the national hero. In 1991 the citizens voted to restore the name of St. Petersburg, coming full circle. The locals call their city Piter. Stroll along the granite-clad Neva River on the long, bright summer evening and you will understand why it is also known as "The City of White Nights." Come tour through history with legendary figures and buildings of St. Petersburg.

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Updated July 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very challenging!

Beautiful puzzle and really hard :)
We loved it but had to do an easier one afterward. Keep 'em coming!

Liz Randal
Love this city and this puzzle!

Eric captured so many of the wonderful sights and colors of this beautiful city! Thank you for painting it/making this puzzle—it got us excited to visit St. Petersburg. Once we arrived we recognized several places on sight because of the puzzle!


Just finished this puzzle today. Took me 11.5 hours so I know it was a hard one for me. Very challenging but it is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed putting it together.

Diane Macy

Loved this puzzle. Challenging but worth the time invested. This was the 20th Dowdle puzzle I completed! Unfortunately, it was also the first of your puzzles where I was missing a piece! Hence the 4 star review. It would have been a 5 like all the other puzzles I have made. It was a border piece but fortunately I have your puzzle tray so it kept the puzzle intact as it was being put together. I have 5 more Dowdles waiting and I hope they're as perfect as my first 19.

Sandy Artman
Alluring Architecture

Once the border was completed, this puzzle was really fun! I've never been to St. Petersburg but I chose this puzzle because of all the interesting buildings. A couple of pieces on the border seem to fit in more than one way, but I persevered by paying close attention to the color. Prior to completing Dowdle puzzles I hadn't encountered so much variation in size, shape and orientation. I'm a visual learner by nature and your puzzles give me a challenge and satisfaction. I'm hooked! The artwork is totally delightful!