Raining Cats and Dogs - 500 Piece
Raining Cats and Dogs - 500 Piece
Raining Cats and Dogs - 500 Piece
Raining Cats and Dogs - 500 Piece

Raining Cats and Dogs - 500 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 16 x 20 in.

Quick! Look out your window! It’s raining cats and dogs! Whether you’re a dog person, or a cat person, this rainy weather will leave you in awe! Relive your childhood dream as this metaphor comes to life in this vibrant and lively puzzle. With so many different breeds of cats and dogs, perhaps you’ll find your pet raining from the sky!

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Updated December 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Melanie Ford

This puzzle was the most challenging of Eric’s puzzle. Although I loved it’s theme and design, I found myself having to walk away and take a break. Did love the critters and colors !

Fun one to do!

Received as a gift and a pleasure to put this one together. We took the "discrepancy" as an artist's poke at fun.
Sort of like an "Easter Egg". Hidden treasures.
No harm done to anyone, after all.

Janet Wolf
Raining Cats and Dogs

This was given to me as a gift. I've completed lots of puzzles. This was a challenge, but totally enjoyable!
Great quality....fun-shaped pieces. Have never completed this brand of Puzzle before and I will definitely be looking at getting other ones! A total hoot, in my humble opinion! Loads of fun!!

Morning Mommy
Yes a discrepancy, but extremely charming...

To be honest I would probably give every Dowdle puzzle 5 stars - I only dropped the one star because of the slight technicality issue but forewarned by reviews made it easy to spot. Completed with elementary aged child. Charming details - Yorkie(?) with glasses, what my kid called the "xmen" cat, etc.

The box cover you get is correct but the legend / story page and the image on this page has the black dog near the garage upside down when on the puzzle he is right side up. And the yellow 500 puzzle piece is covering a yellow lab in the puzzle. Nothing else effected puzzle building. Those who have done Dowdle puzzles before know some pieces are really interesting in shape and makes placing them slightly more effort but the kids love those shapes the most - laughing and showing everyone and pointing them out still in the finished puzzle. No frustration experienced than the typical search for the "crazy looking piece".

Puzzle is a little more difficult than some others by nature of the art - lots of windows, beige, and parts of paws that you can't readily tell if they are dog, cat, or which dog or which cat, but kids loved the final product and the challenge.

Glad I'm Not The Only One

I am glad others said it didn't fit together quite like the helping sheet depicts. I thought I was just going insane. It was still a very fun puzzle; in fact, it was the first puzzle I've done in years. I received it as a gift and I will definitely be ordering more Dowdle puzzles. It was beautiful and I enjoyed putting it together, despite its flaws.