Personalized Puzzles

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Dowdle's Personalized Puzzles are a great way to keep your special family moments alive for years to come. Take life's great moments to a new collection with your own personalized puzzle. Be it your wedding photo, family portrait, new baby, or your favorite pet consider it on a puzzle. These make perfect gifts for any occasion. Each of these puzzles are 16" x 20" in dimension.

Choose from our standard wooden puzzle cut or the Heirloom Edition. Our Heirloom Edition arrives in a nice felt bag and a collectable wood box. Each is a high-quality print on durable wooden cut puzzle pieces. These puzzles are great collectable memories. Our Heirloom edition is custom cut to outline each individual within the portrait. It is also contained within a nice puzzle bag inside of a custom wood box.

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Our artisans hand-craft each puzzle so please allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping.

Heirloom Edition Personalized Puzzles

  • Fully customized laser cut outline of each individual (limitations apply)
  • High-end wooden pieces
  • 200-300 pieces, depending on outlines
  • Quality High-end 16"x20" print
  • Can be portrait or landscape print
  • Heritage wooden box with personalized name plaque
  • Heirloom quality will be treasured for generations
  • Discounts offered for multiple exact reproductions when ordered together

To get your Dowdle Personalized Puzzles follow these steps:

  1. Purchase your initial Heirloom Edition Personalized Puzzle
  2. Prepare your portrait file in at least 3,840 x 4,800 pixels
  3. One of our team members will then follow up with you to obtain the photo
  4. We will then be sure that the photo will work and if any crops will need to be made
  5. We will then supply a proof within a few days
  6. Once the proof is approved we will process the puzzle - this can take 3-4 weeks
  7. The puzzle will then be shipped out to you for your family enjoyment

For other ways to become A Part of the Art click here.


Dowdle Wooden Puzzles

Dowdle Wooden Puzzles are a great gift for the puzzle fanatic and lover of folk art. They feature a giclée printed canvas that is mounted on wood. You have several options to choose from including a classic Dowdle box or a keepsake wood box; existing die-cut or a specialized unique die-cut; you can even be painted into a Dowdle painting! – See the list below. Discover the world through the eyes of renowned folk artist Eric Dowdle, known for his gift of capturing the character and traditions of each place he visits. Experience the personality and charm of these historic and scenic places with a one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle.


Classic Wooden Puzzle

  • Dowdle image of your choice
  • Standard Puzzle Cut
  • 300 Collectible High-end wooden pieces
  • High-quality Giclée print
  • Collectible for years
  • Dowdle Cardboard Box with collectible sleeve

Vintage Wooden Puzzle

$300 or $500
  • Dowdle image of your choice
  • Standard Puzzle Cut
  • 300 or 500 Collectible High-end wooden pieces
  • Velvet drawstring bag
  • High-quality Giclée print
  • Collectible for years
  • Quality, collectible wooden box w/Giclée inset

Vintage, Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle

  • Your own or a Dowdle image of your choice
  • Unique die-cut specialized to your request
  • Up to 500 pieces depending on your request
  • Velvet drawstring bag
  • High-quality Giclée print
  • Collectible for years
  • Quality, collectible wooden box w/Giclée inset
  • Customizable laser engraved name plates on box
  • Personalized – your choice of being painted into the Dowdle image
  • – To order call Wendy at 801-785-1123


Allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery.


All Dowdle Wooden Puzzles are eligible for “Be Part Of The Art”

Eric has painted hundreds of people into the art already. In fact, when you look at any of the stadium art, many of the people in those stadiums are real! They’ve commissioned themselves to be placed with their favorite teams. It’s so fun! The only thing better than owning Eric’s art is personalizing yourself into Eric’s art and custom puzzles. Trust me. I know. Check out these videos that spotlight some stories about people who’ve become part of the art.

Select “Customize” on the art print that you would like to be a part of, and upload your photo!

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