Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece
Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece

Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26⅝ in.

The puzzle in this box is a mystery. Don’t even try to guess what it is. You will only be able to unlock its secret by putting it together.

With more than 400 Dowdle titles to choose from, there’s no telling which tantalizing title you will get. One thing we can guarantee is that you’ll have a magical time seeing the image come alive.

Dowdle Mystery Puzzles come with a special sealed black envelope. Inside the envelope is a color print of the image. So, if you absolutely must cheat, we’ve made it pretty easy. But we don’t recommend it, because as our mothers told us “Cheaters never prosper.”

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Updated December 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Victoria Knueppel
Love them!

I was given a gift certificate for Christmas. I got puzzles that are from places special to me. Awesome gift.

Ruth Vagen

Enjoying our first mystery, just emailed you ? regarding ordering future mastery. We watched your “Peacemaker” series several months ago, ordered very first puzzle of yours back in June.

Dennis Haag
Mystery puzzle

Decided to try a mystery puzzle and it did not disappoint.

Eileen Buchan
Great Company

I had fun trying to figure out where the picture was from.

Jim Purdy
The problem with mysteries ...

Dowdle makes GREAT puzzles. Not many people will doubt that statement.

When they discontinue, or overproduce, or just want to lower inventory, they turn some puzzles into "Mystery Puzzles" and repackage them. It's not a bad idea. They even offer a little teaser by putting the puzzle picture in a black envelope with a Dowdle seal and make a comment about cheating by opening the puzzle picture before the puzzle is finished. That's clever marketing.

What they don't tell you is they have no idea what puzzle is inside any Mystery puzzle package. And that only becomes an issue if you decide that you just love Dowdle puzzles, and decide to buy a bunch of mystery puzzles when they put them on sale as a BOGO-special. It's a good deal, but it has a little catch-22 inside.

I bought twelve mystery puzzles during a BOGO sale event. Granted, I only paid for six, but I had the expectation of actually getting twelve different puzzles. What I received was eight different puzzles ... and four duplicates. Yes, I cheated and opened each black envelope (but, I'm just an average puzzle assembler, and would have zero chance at finishing one of these wild works of art without a picture guide. It's hard enough to do that with the picture in front of me, so I "cheat.")

A call to Dowdle customer service id the trick. Almost. Well, they sent me four more mystery puzzles and told me to give the old puzzles to someone else. It was a genuinely nice gesture from Dowdle.

The problem with that solution was that it didn't actually solve the problem. The four replacements had two duplicates ... and those were duplicates of one of the eight mystery puzzles that I received earlier.

Murphy's Law never seems to fail.

So, when you buy more than one mystery puzzle, you might get a little extra surprise. In my case, I now have FOUR Lehi Roller puzzles. One is a puzzle that I bought in a sale a while back and another one is one of the BOGO mystery puzzle ... the other two are duplicates. Now I have four of these puzzles.

Guess what we're giving the mailman, UPS and FedEx delivery people for Christmas this year? Not much mystery there. They will be happy to get a gift. I will have the joy of seeing their smile.

I just wish Dowdle could somehow keep a little secret decoder number on each "style" of mystery puzzle so they don't send duplicates. But, I don't work at Dowdle, so I guess I'll just avoid buying more mysteries.

Dowdle makes GREAT puzzles. I sure hope you understand that I'm not knocking Dowdle puzzles ... just the mystery behind the mystery puzzles. It really is a clever marketing tool, except when you end up with four identical finished puzzles.