Los Angeles - Jigsaw Puzzle
Los Angeles - Jigsaw Puzzle
Los Angeles - Jigsaw Puzzle

Los Angeles - Jigsaw Puzzle

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In LA, there is always time to play! Whether in the sunshine or the rain, this beautiful city is packed with so much color, excitement, and people that Eric knew painting Los Angeles would be a challenge worthwhile. After all, it is the biggest city if you’re counting how much land it occupies. But LA is known for being called the “city of angels” or a “dream city” where dreams can come true for many people here. See if you can find the not-so-traditional ‘angel’ in the painting.

Los Angels


  • 1 Explore La Brea Tar Pits & Museum and see if you can find the gigantic bobcat skull.
  • 2 Beverly and Gloria are the perfect hosts at PINK’S hot dog stand, which has been running for over 77 years.
  • 3 Roberto showed Eric how amazing octopus can taste at his restaurant in Catalina.
  • 4 You can’t have too many donuts in L.A.!
  • 5 Robin is a pro in keeping the Catalina decorative Spanish tiles alive by restoring them to their former glory.
  • 6 Kelli is the only female surf shop owner in the L.A. County and her partner Mike hand cuts each surfboard.
  • 7 Kevin is the letterpress printmaker master at Church Type by using the printing press as his creative inspiration.
  • 8 Commodore Everett captains the Queen Mary, a historic ship. See 10
  • 9 Just an everyday sight in LA of muscular men.
  • 10 Queen Mary was the grandest ocean liner in the late 1930’s carrying celebrities and royalty. Then during WWII she was painted gray and became the “Grey Ghost” to carry war troops because of her stealth and speed. After she was restored to her original glory she sailed for another 18 years then retired in Long Beach CA as a floating Hotel.
  • 11 Vincent Thomas Bridge spans 1,500 feet wide and 6,050 feet (1.1 miles) in length and is the third largest suspension bridge in California!
  • 12 You found the tortoise. Now can you find the three deer?
  • 13 Santa Monica Pier, where the famous route 66 ends.
  • 14 The famous pier entrance sign Santa Monica Yacht Harbor neon sign was built in 1938.
  • 15 Theme Building is iconic in representing an alien UFO hovering near the Los Angeles Airport, built in 1961.
  • 16 Randy’s donuts is loved by all and for over 50 years as been named the Top Donut Spot in the US.
  • 17 The Staples Center is the place to watch a sports event. With four professional sports franchises located here, the reputation for this place is second to none.
  • 18 Walt Disney Concert Hall’s steel walls used to reflect so much sunlight that sidewalks close by would reach temperatures of 140 degrees F.
  • 19 Eastern Columbia Building is glossed in turquoise terra cotta and stands 13 stories high.
  • 20 All seventeen Watts Towers took 34 years to build because only one man, Simon Rodia, built them. Yes, one man with no proper construction tools or blueprints.
  • 21 Union Station was built in 1939 and still, to this day, is called “The last of the great train stations” in the Western United States.
  • 22 The Los Angeles City Hall building is iconic because it was featured in the 1950’s TV show Adventures of Superman as the Daily Planet.
  • 23 Which building is the tallest in LA you ask? The 73 story high, or 1,018 feet tall, US Bank Tower!?!
  • 24 Did you know that the blinking light on top of the Capitol Records Building spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse code?
  • 25 The Dodger Stadium was where the first recorded high five ever happened on October 2, 1977.
  • 26 Homeboy Industries and Bakery is a place that helps ex-gang members rehabilitate their lives and become contributing members of society. Really cool!
  • 27 Griffith Observatory is the perfect place to view LA, since it stands 1,134 feet above sea level.
  • 28 The first concert held at the Hollywood Bowl happened in 1920 on a few wooden planks supporting two ladies playing the piano. The background was the hills.
  • 29 Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is the place where you can see the immortalized handprints of great actors.
  • 30 The Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.