I Love Seattle - Jigsaw Puzzle
I Love Seattle - Jigsaw Puzzle

I Love Seattle - Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Pacific Northwest is an amazing area and there are many reasons to love Seattle. The beautiful views, the colorful flowers, the amazing food and the diversity of the people; these are just some of the reasons to love Seattle. Who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow after the rain? When clouds clear discover the view of Seattle as seen from Kerry Park in Eric’s folk art painting.

I Love Seattle


  • 1 Molly Moon is the owner of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dan Dominguez is the kitchen manager.
  • 2 Delaney Berreth is the PR and marketing coordinator at Pacific Science Center.
  • 3 Chuck Gittings is the Cama Beach operations manager.
  • 4 Keith Stocker owns the Mountain View Blueberry Farm.
  • 5 Phillip Hickock is the glassblower king at Seattle Glassblowing Studio.
  • 6 Eric’s classic chicken in the mailbox.
  • 7 Carolyn loves working at the MoPOP Museum!
  • 8 The Native American salmon symbol in the Northwest represents abundance and renewal.
  • 9 Bob Donegan is the president of the Ivar’s Acres of Clams.
  • 10 Chris Garr is the chef at Ivar’s of Clams.
  • 11 Lavender Hill Farms is owned by Catherine MacNeal and loves being with her daughter.
  • 12 Bumblebees and honeybees are abundant in Washington.
  • 13 James Madison is a Totem Pole Carver and Tulalip Tribal Artist.
  • 14 Changing Form is the name of the sculpture in the middle of Kerry Park.
  • 15 David Mandapat loves being the general manager of Seattle Space Needle.
  • 16 The phrase “Raining Cats and Dogs” fits perfectly with Seattle’s rainy weather.
  • 17 Museum of Pop Culture, aka “MoPOP” was known as the Experience Music Project.
  • 18 If you look down from the Space Needle, you’ll discover some giant spiders atop the Seattle Center Armory.
  • 19 Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant is a favorite in Seattle.
  • 20 Pacific Science Center originally opened in 1962 and in 2010 became a City of Seattle landmark.
  • 21 Seattle Great Wheel stands 175 feet tall.
  • 22 Seven major cruise lines depart from Seattle almost month.
  • 23 The Big Red Cranes consists of five giant container cranes along the Port of Seattle.
  • 24 This famous stadium was established in 2002.
  • 25 Seattle’s famous Farmers Market is iconic and a must see when you visit.
  • 26 Totem Poles appeared in 1899 in Seattle after it was accidently stolen from the northern Tlingit Indians.
  • 27 This pink elephant is the most photographed object in Seattle.
  • 28 Salmon travel from fresh water to salt water every year to reproduce.
  • 29 The Space Needle reaches 605 feet high with the light beacon being the very top.
  • 30 1201 Third Avenue; former name was Washington Mutual Tower.
  • 31 You can love Seattle in the sky, on land, or in the sea.
  • 32 On a clear day, you can see Mount Rainier from as far away as Corvallis, Oregon as well as Victoria, British Columbia.

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