Cinderella's Enchanted Evening - 500 Piece
Cinderella's Enchanted Evening - 500 Piece
Cinderella's Enchanted Evening - 500 Piece

Cinderella's Enchanted Evening - 500 Piece

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When I was young growing up in a family of 12 children, 10 of them being boys, I was taught many of the lessons from Cinderella by my mother. It was her favorite story, and coincidentally my wife’s also. I wasn’t sure that being nice to my brothers at all times was a good idea, but it was what she believed in.

In this painting, I wanted to bring Prince Charming to the home and circumstances of Cinderella where in my mind’s eye he could see her life and experiences that helped shape and mold her into the positive and happy person she was.

My mom was right. Treat your brothers well and your dreams will come true.

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Updated July 2023

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patricia Murphy-Hupp

I’m still working on it but I love it like I do all my Dowdle’ve spoiled me.. I won’t work on any other brand, I do want to say that I do not like the larger picture size. It takes up too much room on the table that my husband and I use together. One more thing….I ordered Flip n Fetcher Animals of Eden which I hated. So bad that the little bit that I did complete …I took it apart and put it back in the to Goodwill! Usually share m Dowdles with a friend but not that one! Thanks so much! Pat Murphyhupp

Caroline Schaefer-Hills
Magical Experience!

I love Dowdle puzzles the best and for sure have an addiction / but these Disney ones are amazing and I’m just getting lost in the beauty of the paintings and color and richness and nostalgia! I love this partnership and want a haunted mansion one !!

Suzanne Burke

Haven’t started it yet

Kathy Majeski
Very Colorful !!

My husband and I had many hours of enjoyment doing all the Dowdle puzzles from different places where we have traveled. We also have enjoyed some of the Disney puzzles....Beauty and the Beast and this one also, Cinderella's Enchanted Evening. It was very colorful and true to
the story except it needed a larger version of the Glass Slipper. The Glass Slipper has been an icon of the Cinderella story since as long as I can remember and I think it needed to be more prominent.
There were a lot of dark blue shavings with this puzzle but all in all...another beautiful Dowdle puzzle!

Kellee Jiyoung Kim
What happened?

I love Dowdle puzzles and because the quality is so good, I don’t mind paying the high prices but I bought 3 of the Disney Puzzles and the quality is TERRIBLE-shavings everywhere, at least a dozen or more pieces that are either bent or picture peeling off. I reached out to customer service about all 3 puzzles and they sent me replacements but the replacements were not any different than the original ones sent to me-QUALITY AWFUL. I asked for refund but Dowdle has ignored this request. Wasted $100 dollars! Needless to say, now I am afraid to buy Dowdle puzzles. Sad, cuz I used to love ordering them.