Cats Around the World - 1000 Piece
Cats Around the World - 1000 Piece
Cats Around the World - 1000 Piece
Cats Around the World - 1000 Piece

Cats Around the World - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26 in.

FINALLY! It has been requested by people for years but finally, Eric has created a folk art piece about cats. The title was his youngest son’s idea and so “Kitty Wampus” was conceived. This piece is a tribute to cats of the world. This makes sense as cats are the most popular pet in the world (by almost 3 to 1.) Have fun getting to know these cat characters. You may even find your feline friend in the mix. Take a little time and go Kitty Wampus with us. Purr-fect.

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Updated July 2023

Customer Reviews

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Your Cat will Sit on This

Just a warning, as the realism is, well, real. Lovely to see these beasts in their colorful national costumes and not fighting a bit. Dowdle animals are the best in show. Frankly, nothing can discourage me from doing a cat puzzle except too great a percentage of fur-bearing pieces. This scene presents enough clues to counteract all the multicolored fuzz.

Where is the dog version?

Cats around the world is arguably one of the funniest puzzles that you can find through Dowdle so far. The best method in completing this is by focusing on the frame first and then simply build one cat at a time. Afterwards, all you will have left is the globe.

Many people have said this before but the different cats are all just really hilarious. I have too many favorites here where it would be much too difficult to choose the best one.

By the way - how many puzzles do I need to buy so we can get a dog version?

Difficult but worth it!

I have the 1000 piece version. This was definitely difficult because there are a lot of similar colors/patterns in the cat fur. I loved the variety (17 cats and a globe) and felt truly accomplished when I finished! I can’t wait to start my next puzzle =)

Challenging and fun!

This puzzle was challenging to work through. All of the pieces fit well and none were missing. The cats were interesting to put together and the entire picture is great when you are done. After this puzzle, I tried a few other brands and was not as pleased as I was with the Dowldle. This past weekend, I ordered a few more Dowdle puzzles. I know they will be great!

jennifer sherrill
Best cat puzzle ever!

I absolutely loved this puzzle and it was my first Dowdle puzzel. Everything about this puzzle is first rate. The box is high quality, the pieces are high quality, etc. The cats were so fun to figure out and complete. I piled all the cat eyeballs in a group and laughed every time i looked at them. The size (500 piece) is perfect for my coffee table and not too hard or too easy. I have cats, so if it is too big i usually lose pieces as they mysteriously disappear. I just completed my second Dowdle and about to order my third.