Aztec Calendar - 500 Piece
Aztec Calendar - 500 Piece
Aztec Calendar - 500 Piece
Aztec Calendar - 500 Piece

Aztec Calendar - 500 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19½ in. Round

The Aztec calendar actually consists of two calendars, one for a day count (tonalpohualli) and the other for a year count (xiuhpohualli). The xiuhpohualli was for agricultural purposes and told them the best time to plant their crops, while the tonalpohualli was the religious calendar and told them when to consult the Gods. This art is unique in the Dowdle collection in that it is our only round painting and puzzle.

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Updated July 2023

Customer Reviews

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Aztec Calendar

My daughter loved this puzzle. Completed it in a few days only to find that it was missing one piece. Broke her heart. Otyer than that the puzzle is beautiful.

Jessica Aleman

Beautiful and significant puzzle. Was so happy to find this puzzle as it is such an important part of my cultural. Thank you for making this beautiful and challenging. Will be framing and hanging up in my classroom.

interesting puzzle

difficult puzzle considering it's a low piece count. much of the colors are the same. I finished mine then glued it.

Quite a challenge

I must own 30 Dowdle puzzles and I have always completed them without looking at the picture more than once and onlyfor 5 minutes before I start. I absolutely could not put the puzzle together without the picture. It still took 3 times as long as usual. Loved it.

Silvia Padilla
Love it

I love the Aztec calendar. So finishing this puzzle was awesome!!