House of Seven Gables

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Description: House of Seven Gables

Trick-or-treaters are on parade in this eerie but delightful Halloween painting. The trees look like they want to reach down and grab you, the pumpkins look like they are giving off warnings, and the windows are filled with haunting shadows from within. Are there more tricks than treats to come if venture in?

Inside Story: House of Seven Gables
  1. The House of Seven Gables – the Turner House built in 1668. Made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel.
  2. The candlelight reaps a grim shadow in this window.
  3. Is that Mr. Hyde hiding? I just don’t know.
  4. The milk in this container is beyond curdled, yikes!
  5. Pumpkin boy spilled on a witch, what a sight.
  6. Okay, snakes are creepy with their slimy scales.
  7. Is this a warlock or pirate? It’s sure hard to tell.
  8. Black cat prowling at the window pane.
  9. One dead rat who has seen his day.
  10. Black beaked raven answers, “Nevermore.”
  11. A light on the evil eye through an open door.
  12. “Hoo, Who’s watching over this Samhain Night?”
  13. This night cloaked crow is one of 5 in sight.
  14. Bats in the belfry and bats in the trees.
  15. There are 4 cats hidden that I can see.
  16. This spider, “sat beside her” and the outcome we know.
  17. This mystery remains to be solved, “Wha… wha…what’s glaring from that hole?”
  18. Rats on the rafters scurry away.
  19. This fella here has seen better days.
  20. The arching black cat surely means…
  21. …a conjuring witch must be on the scene.
  22. Yes, this is Salem with witches galore. As many today as in days of yore.

Reviews: House of Seven Gables

3 reviews for House of Seven Gables

  1. Tammy
    5 out of 5


    Always been a Wysocki fan – every year it’s been a tradition to do a Charles Wysocki puzzle with our kids. We’ll be moving on to Dowdle puzzles now…so inviting and the attention to detail along with things to hunt for and questions to solve! Bring it on. Need to do some Alaskan ones! Fur Rondy, or Iditarod or travels in general up here. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Doreen
    5 out of 5


    This is my 5th puzzle from Dowdle & is the most challenging one I have done to date. I love the pictures and attention to detail. Definitely will be purchasing more from Costco. By far one of the best puzzle companies out there!

  3. AmyThompson
    4 out of 5


    This is a perfect puzzle for Halloween

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