Yosemite Santas

Yosemite Santas Poem

'Twas pre-dawn after Christmas when all through the park
Some of Santa’s many helpers were out on a lark.
All the stockings were filled, the chimneys left clear,
And rooms showed St. Nicholas had surely “been here.”
With a mask on his face while getting his skates
A Santa sang “Angels on High,” to his mates.
As some Santas skated, some caroled of the night,
Some sipped hot cocoa, or had a snowball fight.
Yosemite’s critters were laughing all the way
And joined the silly Santas in their snowball melee.
Making a snowman was one Santa’s desire
But his first try was wrecked when the others arrived.
So he snuck to the side to try it once again
And perfectly finished his frozen white friend.
Some bunny was shocked on his dawn carrot run
At seeing the Santas engaged in their fun.
To help all remember this day’s about love,
A Santa, while skating, released a white dove.
Rudolph sat down to watch the antics unfold
As did Sam the snow man but he’s not quite as bold.
One Santa showed up in the “S” marked snack-sleigh
But his cargo of gingerbread men all ran away.
A dare devil Santa came with rope on his shoulder
To try and climb Half-Dome or at least a few boulders.
Not to be left out and to watch all the cheer
Santa-squatch snuck through way back in the clear.
But wait, there’s a secret we’re being asked to keep
From the very Real Santa who snuck in for a peep.
He has gifts in his sleigh for his Helpers’ delight,
To thank them for all the hard work of last night.
Not ready to let them all know he’s arrived
He waits in his sleigh to announce the surprise.
As the sun’s first rays come on this magical day
And dance on the granite peaks not far away
This glow of great joy makes us all want to say
Have a wonderful, welcoming, warm Christmas Day.

- by DH