Prague - 500 Piece
Prague - 500 Piece
Prague - 500 Piece
Prague - 500 Piece

Prague - 500 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 16 x 20 in.

Prague is aptly known as "City of a Thousand Spires." The history of this beautiful capital stretches back thousands of years. A Celtic tribe known as the Boii were the initial settlers, and is where the term Bohemia is derived. "Czech" probably comes from a Slavic chief who brought his people to Bohemia. In the sixth century, a Czech Sovereign named Princess Libuse saw a vision of a castle called Prague chiseled on the banks of the Vltava River, "whose glory will reach the stars." She nailed it. The castle and the city have come to be loved by all that know it. The city has seen various alliances and occupations over time, which only seems to make people stronger and resilient. Prague was the headquarters of the Catholic Church for a time. Known for its "cursed" clock and famed for scientists and artists, Prague not only is the geographic heart of Europe, but arguably Europe's heart. Czech Republic.

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Customer Reviews

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I love all of Dowdle puzzles. They are my favorite to do. This was a gift for my daughter and son in law. They went there on their honeymoon.

marilyn bertelsbeck

I put my review under Ohio State didn't release this was also here. Will do the other one when I finish that puzzle.

Highly enjoyable, puzzling piece of art!

I haven't worked on a jigsaw puzzle in years, but there was an intriguing box containing the Prague puzzle in a vacation home we rented for a weekend. Having visited Prague several years ago, I recognized several of the landmarks in the puzzle, and soon found myself piecing it together. I particularly liked the different styles of artwork and shades of lighting used throughout the picture, which proved to be a helpful clue in finding particular in-fill pieces. For me, assembling this puzzle was a well-balanced blend of a challenge with rewarding insights as the picture came together.