Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece
Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece

Mystery Puzzle - 1000 Piece

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Mystery Puzzle 500 piece     Mystery Puzzle 1000 piece

Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26⅝ in.

The puzzle in this box is a mystery. Don’t even try to guess what it is. You will only be able to unlock its secret by putting it together.

With more than 400 Dowdle titles to choose from, there’s no telling which tantalizing title you will get. One thing we can guarantee is that you’ll have a magical time seeing the image come alive.

Dowdle Mystery Puzzles come with a special sealed black envelope. Inside the envelope is a color print of the image. So, if you absolutely must cheat, we’ve made it pretty easy. But we don’t recommend it, because as our mothers told us “Cheaters never prosper.”

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