U.S. Marines - Jigsaw Puzzle
U.S. Marines - Jigsaw Puzzle
U.S. Marines - Jigsaw Puzzle

U.S. Marines - Jigsaw Puzzle

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The United States Marine Corps are fighters who make freedom possible, protectors to their fellow soldiers and civilians, and inspiring those around them. Their motto “The Few, The Proud” shows their pride in being one of the lucky ones to graduate from training and support their fellow country. It doesn’t matter where the battle is happening, you can always count on the U.S. Marine to be there. Eric’s painting underlines some inspiring moments of a U.S. Marines journey in their training, preparation, and developing their fighting spirit. We salute the U.S. Marines for their faithfulness in fighting to win the battle every time.

U.S. Marines


  • 1 This was the standard American Revolution uniform used later on in the Revolutionary War.
  • 2 Barbary Wars uniform from the early 1800’s. This war happened between the U.S. and nations along the coast of North Africa.
  • 3 An American Civil War officer’s uniform for the Union.
  • 4 The War on Terrorism uniform was first introduced after September 11, 2001 or 9/11.
  • 5 The Marines logo was made in 1955 and includes the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. In the eagle’s beak is a white ribbon bearing the Marine Corps motto “Semper Fidelis” which is Latin for “Always Faithful.”
  • 6 The U.S. Marines was founded on November 10, 1775.
  • 7 The official name of the Marines is The United States Marine Corps (USMC).
  • 8 Korean War uniform from 1950-1953 is based off of the WWII uniform with improved winter alterations.
  • 9 This was the standard Vietnam War uniform from 1955-1975.
  • 10 A sergeant’s uniform in the War with Mexico from 1846-1848.
  • 11 The War of 1812–a second battle between the U.S. and the UK again– uniform.
  • 12 The Tomori Lion is one of the few WWII surviving statues from the Battle is Okinawa
  • 13 Sherman Tank–name after the famous William Sherman from the Civil War–served the US from 1942-1957.
  • 14 The phrase “Tip of the spear” generally represents soldiers who run, kick, bomb or whatever it takes to break the enemies’ front line.
  • 15 U.S. Marine recruits train for thirteen weeks at Parris Island.
  • 16 Code Talkers during WWII were Native Americans who spoke Navajo –which had no alphabet– making it extremely difficult for enemy codebreakers to understand the Allies planes.
  • 17 After the Battle of Belleau Woods, the Germans called the U.S. Marines “Devil Dogs,” aka the bulldog, and it has stuck ever since. The bulldog is the perfect mascot for the US Marine Corps: loyal, tenacious, resolute, and faithful. The current bulldog mascot’s name is “Chesty.”
  • 18 Toys for Tots is a U.S. Marines foundation that began in 1947 giving Christmas toys to less fortunate children.
  • 19 Sergeant Reckless is the famous female packhorse that performed numerous acts while serving in the Korean War.
  • 20 “The Few, The Proud” is the U.S. Marines motto.
  • 21 The Assault Amphibious Vehicle –known as the Landing Vehicle– can travel on land and sea.
  • 22 Camp Pendleton is located in San Diego County, California and was established in 1942.
  • 23 “The President’s Own” is a U.S. Marine Band that has professionally played music for the U.S. president since 1798.
  • 24 Camp Lejeune was established in 1941 in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
  • 25 The historic monument for the U.S. Marines of “Raising the Flag” on Iwo Jima happened on February 23, 1945.
  • 26 The National Museum of the Marine Corps is located in Virginia and was established on Nov 10, 2006. The museum’s exterior is meant to evoke the image of the flag raisers of Iwo Jima.
  • 27 Landing Craft Air Cushion is used to transport weapons, equipment, cargo and personnel of the Marines to shores and across beaches.
  • 28 Harrier Jet fighters took flight in 1967, only two years earlier than the moon landing.
  • 29 The F-35 Aircraft had more lines of code than it took to launch the space shuttle.
  • 30 The Osprey helicopter, aka Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey has a max speed of 443 km/h.
  • 31 Camp Courtney is located in Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan and opened in January 1956.
  • 32 MCX Marine Mart has been running since 1776 as a way for soldiers to purchase items while serving.