Toblers Pumpkin Patch - Jigsaw Puzzle
Toblers Pumpkin Patch - Jigsaw Puzzle

Toblers Pumpkin Patch - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Pumpkins abound all over the ground,
Choose the best one for some family fun!

Enjoy the crisp air as we all gather there,
children playful and families joyful,

Being together in fall is the best thing of all,
because that’s the reason to celebrate the season.

Toblers Pumpkin Patch


  • 1 This is the original Dowdle Eagle created for Eric when he started Dowdle Folk Art!
  • 2 Eric lives in Lindon, Utah with an amazing backyard for family, friends, and even strangers.
  • 3 Shout out to the Powell family who used to own the property on which Eric now resides.
  • 4 Eric keeps many animals on his property: chickens, pigs, rabbits, but his favorite are goats!
  • 5 Eric’s son Cody used to have his own business selling eggs laid by the family’s chickens when he was very young.
  • 6 Roosters are male and chickens are female.
  • 7 This flock of ducks are staying as long as they can at the Tobler’s Pumpkin Patch before winter rolls around.
  • 8 The longer a male turkey’s snood –the red fleshy bit hanging off the beak– the better his chances to find a mate.
  • 9 Douglas Tobler and his wife. Douglas Tobler was Eric’s stake patriarch, a prominent member of the community.
  • 10 Looks like someone is excited to carve pumpkins later!
  • 11 This little girl has a good eye in finding the biggest pumpkin.
  • 12 Picking out pumpkins as a family is a great way to create memories!
  • 13 Attending the Toblers Pumpkin Patch is the perfect socializing event for a gaggle of geese.

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