Scarecrow Festival - Jigsaw Puzzle
Scarecrow Festival - Jigsaw Puzzle
Scarecrow Festival - Jigsaw Puzzle

Scarecrow Festival - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Billy Bob's Family Farm is alive with Halloween antics. Colorful scarecrows watch as a variety of interesting characters navigate the corn maze. The spooky trees and clouds in the haunted forest set the backdrop for this fun painting, making it a fascinating challenge for puzzlers, or great artwork for a Halloween decoration.

Scarecrow Festival


  • 1 This painting in a tribute to the disappearing family farms, where memories have been made with loved ones.
  • 2 Trust me, a haunted forest is WAY scarier than any haunted house, especially with the sunlight fading and night approaching.
  • 3 Corny Bob Scarecrow look tasty. I wonder if the crows will eat him?
  • 4 Cassy is trying a new technique in scaring the crows way by standing REALLY still and when they appear, banging her pot hat loudly.
  • 5 Raggedy Ann Crow loves watching her pumpkins grow big and strong. Maybe she will win the pumpkin contest this year.
  • 6 Danny is your classic scarecrow, blue hat, red shirt, yellow paints, but the most important part of a scarecrows outfit is his red and white striped socks. Very important.
  • 7 Billy Bob’s Punkin’s—come on, it’s so much cuter saying “punkin.”
  • 8 “Birds of a feather stick together.”
  • 9 Snowman Crowman is known as the coolest and toughest scarecrow around, after all, he sits in the sunlight with a leather jacket and still manages to keep his round shape.
  • 10 Children of the Corn Scarecrow . . . I’m scared.
  • 11 Corn Mazes, where spooks appear, whispers are heard, and around every corner is something waiting for you.
  • 12 Looks like this witch’s spell backfired on her.
  • 13 That is an interesting costume you have there, girly.
  • 14 You and your mates are heading for trouble. Look ahead at your eye patch friend.
  • 15 Turn around before it’s too late!
  • 16 I hope that horse is fast enough to escape the corn maze after dark.
  • 17 I wonder how this skeleton scarecrow got here…
  • 18 Hear ye, Hear ye, The Billy Bob’s Amazing Corn Maze welcomes all scarecrows, humans, and monsters alike! Keep to the path and nothing will attack you…hopefully.