Prince Edward Island - 1000 Piece
Prince Edward Island - 1000 Piece
Prince Edward Island - 1000 Piece
Prince Edward Island - 1000 Piece

Prince Edward Island - 1000 Piece

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Finished Puzzle Size: 19¼ x 26 in.

“Powerful things come in small packages,” my father told me years ago. Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Canada proves the point. While it is the smallest of Canada’s Provinces, P.E.I. moves the hearts and minds of millions. Author L. M. Montgomery based her beloved book series around a small farm here, called Green Gables. The stories have served as a magnet, drawing fans from around the world. Eric was enchanted by the pastoral scenes, from adopted memories, that still dominate the landscape here. Come spend some time in a storybook reverie of Green Gables of Cavendish on P.E.I.

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Updated July 2023

Customer Reviews

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judy Griffen
Corrections needed

I had the same problem as many of my fellow puzzle builders. Very frustrating to me as well until I finally figured out I had an extra sea gull and not all the people. I liked it otherwise. Dowdle needs to correct this please for others!

velyn g anderson
Home of Anne of Green Gables

This may be my favorite Dowdle picture. This could possibly be due to my love of Anne of Green Gables. I was so excited to work this puzzle. I was frustrated to find that my puzzle had extra people who were not pictured in the guide. At first I was very confused. After awhile I figured out that the extra people were pictured on the small picture on the front of the cover. I guess there are two versions of this picture. I ended up enjoying it when I realized the issue. Maybe there is now an updated guide?

Read reviews before purchasing...

Lots of discrepancies between cover/poster and actual puzzle which make it confusing. We still enjoyed the puzzle, but beware - the picture is NOT the same as the puzzle!


Picture did not match the puzzle. Things in pic (bird) not on pic and other groups of people in pic not in puzzle!!! ???

Love the puzzle but people are missing and an extra bird!

Well I am glad I am not the ONLY person who had the same experience! Missing 5 sets of people which made it a challenge to assemble and there was an extra flying bird! This hasn't ever happened and this is our 29th Dowdle puzzle since March 2020! Also the shapes of this one are much more pronounced and crazier than his other puzzles but we liked it a lot - lots of jagged corners, rounded edges, funky shapes, large and tiny ones. I was about 2 days into the puzzle (we do it in spurts since both working full time) when I found the extra bird! Then I saw that the owner of the library was missing off the red bench and thought...uh oh..something is strange here. Then when I finally separated out the pieces with people vs. greenery and flowers, I never found Troy or the lobster guys and the other folks that were missing.