Texas A&M Aggies - Jigsaw Puzzle
Texas A&M Aggies - Jigsaw Puzzle
Texas A&M Aggies - Jigsaw Puzzle

Texas A&M Aggies - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Welcome to Aggieland! Eric has embodied the pride and enthusiasm of Texas collegiate football in this dynamic painting of Kyle Field, home of the Texas A&M Aggies. Traditions run deep at this university and definitely make attending an Aggie game different than anything you have ever experienced. Set at dusk, the energy abounds in this painting as buildings come aglow and the fans go wild in support of their team.

Texas A&M Aggies


  • 1 The ‘A’ stands for Agriculture. See if you can find all 5 of Eric’s farmers in the painting.
  • 2 E. King Gill—the original 12th man from 1922. The 12th man represents how even if you sit on the bench the entire time and never play, you show loyalty to stick with your team to the end.
  • 3 The famous Corps of Cadets.
  • 4 “HOWDY!” Official greeting at Texas A&M. Just try making it across campus without one.
  • 5 Reveille VIII—The Highest ranking member of the Cadet Corp since 1931.
  • 6 Yell Leaders—an unequaled A&M tradition See 13.
  • 7 The Aggie ring is a honor to earn and has basically been unchanged tradition since 1894.
  • 8 Smokey the Cannon built in 1953.
  • 9 Since 1906 the Aggies have been “Giggin” their opponents.
  • 10 Hall of Fame of famous Aggie Players.
  • 11 Statue of General Lawrence Sullivan “Sul” Ross (the Linchpin President from 1890 – 97.)
  • 12 The 12th Man tradition began with and remains central to A&M Students.
  • 13 The iconic Midnight Yell since 1932.
  • 14 Welcome to Kyle Field where the heart of Aggieland beats.
  • 15 Gingerbread man with a cute co-ed. How does he do it?
  • 16 The “Gig ‘em” is strong with this one.
  • 17 Go Chewy.
  • 18 Famous ‘Welcome to Aggieland’ landmark water tower.
  • 19 Maybe it is “Whoop, Whoop, Whoop!” instead of “Ho, ho, ho.”
  • 20 The Academics Building holds a replica of the Liberty Bell inside.
  • 21 Rudder Tower is named for former A&M President J. Earl Rudder, from 1959 until his death in 1970.

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