Park City Summer - Jigsaw Puzzle
Park City Summer - Jigsaw Puzzle

Park City Summer - Jigsaw Puzzle

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You may have heard of Park City because of the perfect blanket of snow that covers the mountains so well that the Olympics were held here. But Park City is so much more, especially during the summer. Live music rings throughout the town, hikes drawing you to the top of the mountains, and art around every corner! Even their history shows the locals determination to overcome whatever obstacle is thrown at them. Explore Park City but be careful of Bigfoot!

Park City Summer


  • 1 Seth Adams is the Head Chef at Riverhorse on Main.
  • 2 Jake Pelger was part of the 2002 Olympics USA Bobsledding team.
  • 3 The original 2002 USA bobsled team!
  • 4 Park City Museum contains fascinating artifacts and interactive exhibits meant to preserve the heritage and history of this city.
  • 5 John Green showed Eric to unique history of Park City at the Alf Engen Ski Museum.
  • 6 Emmett “Bud” Wright would fix telephones all over Utah in remote places like Park City. He would often ski for quicker travel, but one day one of his skis broke and since there was no ski shop existing in Park City at that time, he improvised and mismatched his skis. This act helped everyone remember him still to this day.
  • 7 Jeff Abel helped teach Eric how to properly fly fish.
  • 8 If there’s a mom duck, then her babies must be right behind.
  • 9 Willie Holdman has some amazing photography of Park City along with an amazing gallery.
  • 10 Sandra Morrison is the Executive Director of the Park City Museum.
  • 11 Franz the Bear was sculpted in 2000 and has a line of people waiting to take a picture with him. That’s a long time to take pictures.
  • 12 The Egyptian Theatre was once known as the Opera House in 1898 but after a fire in 1899 and a roof collapse in 1916, it didn’t come back to life until 1922 as the theatre many people know today.
  • 13 Awwww, what a happy looking couple!
  • 14 The Sundance Film Festival is held every year in January.
  • 15 You probably don’t need a radio here during the summer since there are free music festivals every week and sometimes every day during the summer. Wyatt Pike (Left) is a Mountain Town Music student and Ryan Walsh (Right) is the Founder of Mountain Town Music!
  • 16 Eric Porter is a world-famous mountain biker and loves telling his story here in Park City!
  • 17 The “Ten O’clock Whistle” originally was a bell to warn the town of a fire. Today electric sirens ring instead to help remind people of the city’s curfew.
  • 18 Kenneth Block is the Owner of Park City Sailing.
  • 19 Now you don’t see a deer reading the newspaper everyday, do you?
  • 20 Is that a snowman in summer time? Hope he doesn’t melt.
  • 21 It’s the Olympic Torch!!!
  • 22 Miners from all over the world came to Park City to mine silver, and in 1868 Park City was placed on the map officially.
  • 23 Mountain goats can jump nearly 12 feet in a single bound and can “grip” the edges of cliffs thanks to rough pads on the bottom of each toe.
  • 24 Is that a person with a bubble blower or something else?
  • 25 Miles Ivers love taking Eric on his amazing Park City Balloon Adventures.
  • 26 Make sure to ride hot air balloons here in the summer because the view is spectacular.
  • 27 Hike or bike up the numerous trails in Park City.
  • 28 Look at the little squirrel passenger! So cute!
  • 29 Utah Olympic Park was built prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics, and now you can participate in extreme tubing.