Noah's Ark - Jigsaw Puzzle
Noah's Ark - Jigsaw Puzzle
Noah's Ark - Jigsaw Puzzle
Noah's Ark - Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah's Ark - Jigsaw Puzzle

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More than any other image, "Noah's Ark" has catapulted Eric to the forefront of American Folk Art. This basic Bible message continues to delight fans year after year. As one of our most popular puzzles, this image is full of fun pop culture references and colorful animals. It is also available for purchase as a print, wonderful for hanging in a child's bedroom or playroom.

Noah's Ark


  • 1 These wise owls are catching up on their weather reading with the book Farmers Almanac, since rainy days are coming soon.
  • 2 Thank you Noah for bringing honeybees! They are amazing!
  • 3 Mark McGwire, who played for the Cardinals, hit his 70th home run while Eric painted this piece.
  • 4 Oh no! He is as “Blind as a Bat!”
  • 5 It’s Eric’s classic Tree Hugger. Hope he gets on the ship.
  • 6 Looks like we have some “Bad Apples.”
  • 7 Who knew animals loved Animal Cookies?
  • 8 Look! It’s one of the 3 Little Pigs to help build the ark.
  • 9 The Raccoon Bandits strike again in scaring the orangutan with a banana!
  • 10 Now we know where the term “Bear Naked” comes from.
  • 11 What? You’ve never seen a panda play the Mandolin?
  • 12 It’s not bamboo but a chicken leg will do (see #39)
  • 13 These retired chameleon actors loved to sing.
  • 14 Have you ever salted a snail?
  • 15 I wonder if these turtles like walking a mile in your tennis shoes?
  • 16 Beavers need the best braces in order to have perfect straight teeth.
  • 17 The zebra is the perfect sports referee. He even has a whistle.
  • 18 Rhinoplasty on the Rhino. That must be fun.
  • 19 Bunnies doing a hopping job at dancing!
  • 20 Donkey Kong has come! Look out for his barrel.
  • 21 Dolly the Cloned Sheep! That is a historic moment to remember.
  • 22 Do you see the letters “NA for Noah’s Ark?” (Thanks Rorshack)
  • 23 Mr. Penguin looks sharp in his tuxedo. I wonder where I have seen him before?
  • 24 This polar bear is one cool dude.
  • 25 Whose sailboat will win? The S.S. Noah’s Ark or the Yellow Sub?
  • 26 Pearls are all the fashion rage, especially when Mrs. Gator wears them.
  • 27 Why did Noah bring the skunks?
  • 28 You’re in the wrong place to do some ice-fishing buddy.
  • 29 Kangaroos box with their hands and feet.
  • 30 Horses playing the game Horseshoes are sight to behold.
  • 31 Mr. Ostrich with his trusty feather duster, because cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • 32 Now we know where Waldo is.
  • 33 Here comes the King of the jungle!
  • 34 What are we going to do with this duck/beaver creature? Let's call it a platypus.
  • 35 Lemurs are the masters at playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  • 36 One-legged Chicken (I’m just saying—see #12)
  • 37 Camels are wearing the patch—this is a non-smoking ship!
  • 38 Who says elephants are scared of mice?
  • 39 Don’t let the porcupines forget to take some hors d’oeuvres or light snakes.
  • 40 Antelope will only eat one thing, cantaloupe.
  • 41 Noah, the prophet to warned the people about the floods.
  • 42 Two of Noah’s daughter-in-laws—I’m guessing the one on the right is Ham’s wife.
  • 43 Rebellious Unicorns, why didn’t you listen?
  • 44 Sorry big guys, you need a mate with you. No mate, no go!
  • 45 Gingerbread Cookies—hey I just paint what I see.
  • 46 The Ark is made out of gopher wood and is smaller than the Titanic.
  • 47 The Ark rests on Mount Ararat.

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