Little Red Hen - Jigsaw Puzzle
Little Red Hen - Jigsaw Puzzle
Little Red Hen - Jigsaw Puzzle

Little Red Hen - Jigsaw Puzzle

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It’s a gorgeous morning on the farm, especially since Little Red Hen has freshly baked bread ready on her picnic table. All the farm animals have gathered with hungry tummies, but they are in for a big surprise. Since Little Red Hen did all the gathering, planting, cutting, grinding, mixing, and baking, she alone gets to eat the bread. The story of the Little Red Hen is a classic story many love all around the world in teaching about hard work and the rewards you get from it. Uncover this timeless story in folk art style!

Little Red Hen


  • 1 How to make bread: gather seeds, plant them, cut the wheat when fully grown, ground the wheat into flour, mix, bake, and finally EAT the bread!
  • 2 Heidi the hard working hen loves to garden and bake.
  • 3 Cody the cocky cricket thinks that he can do anything better. Can you find his two best friends Peter and Rachel?
  • 4 Chris the cautious sheep thinks that he can do anything better.
  • 5 Lucy the lazy dog waits until the last second to get anything done.
  • 6 Peter the picky cricket doesn’t like much but is eyeing the bread.
  • 7 Butter makes the world go round, especially on fresh bread.
  • 8 Nancy the nervous mouse is hoping to get a piece of the bread but knows that she can’t.
  • 9 Simon the sleepy cat will bundle up so that he can sleep anywhere on the farm.
  • 10 Rachel the rude cricket made sure to tell Red Hen that she would never help because hens can’t make bread. How wrong it was.
  • 11 Sam the silly pig tries to tell jokes to get on people’s good side, especially Red Hen right now in order to eat the bread.
  • 12 Francis the forgetful cow loves dressing up for any occasion on the farm, and she hopes she picked the perfect hat and didn’t forget anything.
  • 13 Polly the prideful horse thought she would give Red Hen’s bread a try, even though she thought she could make it better.
  • 14 The story of the Little Red Hen comes from a Russian origin old fable story.