Dinosaur Museum - Jigsaw Puzzle
Dinosaur Museum - Jigsaw Puzzle
Dinosaur Museum - Jigsaw Puzzle

Dinosaur Museum - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Way back in the day, maybe even as long 2 or 3 decades ago, there were beings and things on Earth that made our lives better. Technology was developing at an astounding rate. Study this fun piece of art to see just how far we have come from the age of our dinosaur friends 20-30 million years ago, as they nosh and grab dinner from each other (or are each other) to the more recent retirees of the family or technology kind. Share a piece of life then and now….or almost now. Wow – time flies by so fast!

Dinosaur Museum


  • 1 Pterodactylus had a long beak filled with around 90 short, sharp teeth.
  • 2 Pterosaurs were the largest creatures to ever fly with a wingspan of 5 meters or 16 feet.
  • 3 The word “volcano” comes from the Roman name “Vulcan” – the Roman god of fire.
  • 4 Preondactylus once inhabited what is now known as Italy today.
  • 5 Pteranodons were twelve times heavier than a Red-tailed Hawk.
  • 6 Most of the Opisthocoelicaudia’s skeleton has been found, except its head and neck, making it hard to determine exactly how tall it is.
  • 7 Ankylosaurus have a large “club” like ball at the end of their tail that some think it could break bones if given enough force.
  • 8 The Parasaurolophus most distinctive feature, the long, narrow backward curving crest, was used for communication purposes like warning others of danger or mating sounds.
  • 9 Evidence suggests that Allosauruses would attack Stegosauruses, the dinosaurs with spikes all over their body.
  • 10 A Pachycephalosaurus skull is 30 times thicker than a human skull – 8 inches thick.
  • 11 Brachiosaurus fossils were first found in the Colorado River, and on average they are around 26 meters or 85 feet long.
  • 12 Lawrence Lambe discovered the first Centrosaurus in Alberta, Canada.
  • 13 The first Tyrannosaurus Rex bones were found in 1892 but it didn’t get its iconic name until 1905, which is Latin for “Tyrant Lizard King.”
  • 14 The Deinonychuses bit force is thought to be as powerful as an alligators. Imagine lifting a pickup truck off of yourself. Yeah, not happening. This is also the “raptor” in the famous Jurassic Park movie
  • 15 Prenocephale’s were around 8 feet long.
  • 16 This little baby dino has some cool spots on his back!
  • 17 Velociraptor’s were about the size of a big chicken – two to three feet tall.
  • 18 Only two Compsognathus skeletons have been found by paleontologists, yet one study shows that these little guys could run up to 40mph.
  • 19 Lesothosaurus once inhabited what is now known as southern Africa today.
  • 20 Cockroaches are around 70 million years older than dinosaurs.
  • 21 Between Rock and a...wait for it...
  • 22 Hard Place!
  • 23 Encyclopedias have existed for over 2,000 years.
  • 24 Christopher Latham Sholes invented the first typewriter that was commercially used.
  • 25 Cartography is the study and practice of mapmaking.
  • 26 The first record player was released in 1895.
  • 27 A beloved family fossil.
  • 28 35mm Camera and film became popular in the 19030’s due to how easy it was to carry rather than the big bulky cameras before.
  • 29 Handwritten letters, a touching way to let someone know you care about them. Go on write someone a letter!
  • 30 Cursive handwriting in Latin means, “to run, hasten” because it was a faster way of writing.
  • 31 Dial-up Bakelite Phone was first distributed worldwide in 1930.
  • 32 Be careful when you pet this little boy’s dragon, its scales are sharp. Oh and it breathes fire!

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