Brooklyn Bridge - Jigsaw Puzzle
Brooklyn Bridge - Jigsaw Puzzle
Brooklyn Bridge - Jigsaw Puzzle

Brooklyn Bridge - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Building a bridge that connected Manhattan to Brooklyn was impossible, unthinkable even, but not for John Roebling. Inspired by his experience when his ferryboat got stuck in the middle of the river because of ice, Roebling saw this as a worthy challenge and began preparations. Brilliant at civil engineering, he had designed and successfully built smaller suspension bridges all around America, helping his cause to convince others about the benefits for building over the East River. After thirteen years of many struggles and drawbacks, The Brooklyn Bridge was finished on May 24, 1883. Today, it stands both as an icon of the New York skyline and a testament of America’s will in tackling the impossible, no matter what the obstacle. The bridge is one of America’s oldest and spans over a mile long and is a hub for many locals and tourists alike. See which of Eric’s classic Easter eggs you can find like Wendy the goose and New York’s giant pizza slices.

Brooklyn Bridge


  • 1 Monster cookies always taste great!
  • 2 Now that’s a slice of pizza. It’s bigger than his face!
  • 3 It says “Brooklyn” in Dutch.
  • 4 When Emily Roebling crossed the bridge, she took a rooster with her, symbolizing good luck. See 19
  • 5 Jane’s Carousel was originally placed in Ohio in 1922, then eventually moved to Brooklyn.
  • 6 A perfect day for a basketball game.
  • 7 Lobsters are a favorite meal here.
  • 8 It’s Eric’s fish friends!
  • 9 These two recommended crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, the historic icon of New York.
  • 10 Who do you think is going to win the fight? Squid or shark?
  • 11 The NYPD is one of the oldest Police forces in the United States.
  • 12 Brooklyn’s motto “Unity Makes Strength” is from an old Dutch phrase.
  • 13 The style of the sailing ships from the 15th to the mid 18th century.
  • 14 The Brooklyn flag was designed in the mid-1800’s with a representation of the “Goddess of Justice.”
  • 15 Pier 17 offers the best views of Mahattan.
  • 16 Brooklyn is located in New York!
  • 17 175 Water Street was built in 1983.
  • 18 In the early days the bridge was referred to as the “Great East River Bridge” and “Great East River Suspension Bridge.” Its dedication name was “New York and Brooklyn Bridge” in 1883. The official name was changed in 1915 to “The Brooklyn Bridge.”
  • 19 The construction of the bridge was overseen by three people at separate times, John Roebling until he died, his son Washington until he was injured and bed ridden, and then Washington’s wife, Emily.
  • 20 The Brooklyn Bridge stands as the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge and from 1883-1903 it was the longest bridge in the world.
  • 21 60 Wall Street was finished in 1989.
  • 22 70 Pine Street was originally called the Cities Service Building and was completed in 1932.
  • 23 One Seaport Plaza was completed in 1984.
  • 24 40 Wall Street was originally known as the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building.
  • 25 One World Trade Center is also known as the “Freedom Tower.”
  • 26 8 Spruce Street’s iconic building structure is meant to look like it is waving as sunlight reflects throughout the day.
  • 27 The Woolworth Building is one of the top 100 tallest buildings in the US.
  • 28 Verizon Tower is located on 375 Pearl Street.