Mickey And Friends Painting in Paris - Limited Edition Print

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What better way to experience and enjoy some of the finer things Paris has to offer than among friends? Mickey and friends are living life to its fullest in the City of Light. See if you can find all 9 hidden "mickey" symbols in this scene, such as the light in the foremost street lamp.


Standard Number

The Standard Numbered Canvas is individually hand-highlighted and numbered with the designation of S/N in the numbering process.

Gallery Proof

The Gallery Proof Canvas is individually hand-highlighted and can be distinguished by the unique gold foil Remarque stamped onto the image. Gallery Proofs are designated with letters G/P during the numbering process.

Artist Proof

The Artist Proof Canvas is issued in a small edition. Artist Proofs are individually hand-highlighted and are designated with the letters A/P during the numbering process.

Disney | Dowdle Limited Edition Art is not eligible for promotional discounts.

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