The Three Bears - Jigsaw Puzzle
The Three Bears - Jigsaw Puzzle
The Three Bears - Jigsaw Puzzle

The Three Bears - Jigsaw Puzzle

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After taking a walk through the woods, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear are ready to come home and enjoy their food. As they sit down to eat, Papa Bear notices that his food has been eaten. Mama Bear notices that the chairs have been sat in. Baby bear notices that someone is sleeping in his bed. Step into the story with Eric as he illustrates Goldilocks and the Three Bears in wonderful folk art detail for you to enjoy.

The Three Bears


  • 1 Baby Bear’s chair is broken! Where will he sit now?
  • 2 Fun bear shaped cup! How many other bear-like objects can you find in the painting?
  • 3 Mama Bear likes her cold porridge with raspberries.
  • 4 Papa Bear’s hot porridge is perfect with blueberries.
  • 5 Baby Bear’s perfect porridge is GONE!
  • 6 What do you call a bear with no teeth? A Gummy bear!
  • 7 Wild berry juice to help Baby Bear grow up big and strong!
  • 8 Honey is a key staple to a bears diet.
  • 9 Baby Bear is now one year old so he can have honey with his porridge now!
  • 10 Get it? Un-BEAR-able?!
  • 11 Did you know that Papa Bear loves taking naps and his favorite color is blue?
  • 12 Mama Bear’s favorite color is purple and loves gardening.
  • 13 Papa’s hard bed.
  • 14 The best fish Papa Bear caught.
  • 15 Cute family photo.
  • 16 Mama Bear’s soft bed.
  • 17 What is your favorite toy on Baby Bear’s shelf?
  • 18 Baby Bear’s perfect bed, but who’s in it?
  • 19 Goldilocks is about to discover who lives here.
  • 20 Eric couldn’t help putting in his classic rooster.
  • 21 The original story was called “Story of the Three Bears “ and written by Robert Southey and published in 1837.