Syracuse - Jigsaw Puzzle
Syracuse - Jigsaw Puzzle

Syracuse - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Syracuse, New York was named after the Greek city located on the Italian island Sicily because of the abundant salt here, hence the nickname “Salt City.” Once established, the Erie Canal followed closely behind being built only five years later expanding the city’s reputation. All of the manufacturing and engineering businesses along the canal improved so much that Syracuse got its second nickname, “The Heart of New York” in 1845. Today it is still one of the top five cities to live in the United States.



  • 1 You pronounce Syracuse like “Seera-cuse”, not “Sarah-cuse.”
  • 2 The Niagara Mohawk Building originally served as headquarters to the Niagara Hudson Electric Company. The outside lighting is meant to give a cathedral effect guarded by the “Spirit of Energy above the main entrance.
  • 3 The Amos Block was built in 1878.
  • 4 Fun fact: L. Frank Baum, the guy who gave us Dorothy and the yellow brick road, lived in Syracuse.
  • 5 Since Clinton Square Fountain was located in downtown Syracuse, it became the hub for trading and business after the Erie Canal was finished in 1830.
  • 6 Syracuse Savings Bank was finished in 1876 and the first office building with a passenger elevator.
  • 7 The Erie Canal Museum is located downtown and was built in 1850 to weigh boats like highway stations do today.
  • 8 State Tower Building is the tallest building in Syracuse to this day.
  • 9 If you only consider major cities, Syracuse receives more snowfall than any other city in the country.
  • 10 The Hall of Languages, Syracuse University served as creative inspiration for the Addams Family home.
  • 11 Carrier Dome is the largest domed stadium of any college campus and stadium in the Northeastern United States.
  • 12 “Salt City” is Syracuse’s nickname because of all the salt deposits similar to Sicily, Siracusa.
  • 13 This is the third model of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Catholic Church in Syracuse.
  • 14 Syracuse City Hall was built from 1889-1893.
  • 15 Courthouse at Columbus Circle was built in 1895 and has gone through many designs, including the erection of Christopher Columbus in 1934.
  • 16 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception held its first mass on Easter Sunday in 1855.
  • 17 Safety first little ducks!
  • 18 Did you know that Syracuse University’s colors were almost rose pink and pea green instead of orange?

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