Surfing Around the World - Jigsaw Puzzle
Surfing Around the World - Jigsaw Puzzle

Surfing Around the World - Jigsaw Puzzle

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Surfing is thought to be over thousands of years old but was not discovered until 1778 by James Cook. At the time only Hawaiian royalty had the privilege of surfing the big waves while commoners only rode smaller ones. Soon after, missionaries came in contact with the islands and condemned surfing as a sinful and wasteful habit, leaving the Hawaiian culture almost in pieces for 150 years. Then in the late 1800’s, King Kalakaua brought surfing back to life as a great cultural event and in 1905, Duke Kahanamoku began to make surfing a fun sport for all countries around the world to enjoy. Discover some of the best beaches to surf inside Eric’s fun painting!

Surfing Around the Wolrd


  • 1 Come surf the warm waters of Miami Beach during July through November for some of the best waves in Florida.
  • 2 Brazil has a huge range of waves from April to October for all skill levels of surfers. One of the best spots here is the island of Santa Catarina.
  • 3 Huntington Beach is known as “Surf City” in the United States in Orange County California with the best waves happening in the winter.
  • 4 Duke Surfboard highlighting the Surfing King.
  • 5 North Shore is one of the best beaches in the world located on Hawaii where the waves can reach 20 feet and are called “pinetrees” by the locals.
  • 6 Known as a surfer’s “cold water Eden,” the shores of Bundoran, Ireland provide nearly constant waves, especially during the months of September through May.
  • 7 Australian has 8 gorgeous beaches and top-notch surfing along its coast including Bells Beach, Cactus Beach, and Gold Coast Beach.
  • 8 Duke Kahanamoku is the King of Surfing. Not just because of his five medals in the Olympics, but also in bringing the sport of surfing from the Hawaiian islands to the United States.
  • 9 The Native Hawaiian flag or the “Kanaka Maoli” flag is believed to be the original flag of King Kamehameha. In the 1800’s.
  • 10 Seas turtle can stay underwater for up to 5 hours.
  • 11 Once you learn to surf, you love it for life.
  • 12 Sandpiper birds can survive up to 12 years in the wild.
  • 13 There are around 2,000 species of starfish, all which need salt water to survive.
  • 14 The tallest sandcastle measured 54 ft and 9 inches on September 1, 2017.
  • 15 Sand dollars range in colors from blue, purple, green, brown, and even black.
  • 16 Snaking is a surfing term where a person takes advantage of a great surfing situation by jumping in front of a fellow surfer, cutting them off. Just don’t do it!
  • 17 How many surfboards do you think you can buy with all this treasure? A LOT! And maybe a car?
  • 18 There are over 200,000 different types of seashells in the world.
  • 19 I wonder what the message inside the bottle says…
  • 20 This is a Boom Box, a classic way to listen to music.
  • 21 Koalas only eat one kind of food, Eucalyptus leaves and up to 2.5 pounds of it each day.