Newport Beach - Jigsaw Puzzle
Newport Beach - Jigsaw Puzzle

Newport Beach - Jigsaw Puzzle

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It’s time to experience perfect year round weather in Newport Beach, California. Ever since its establishment in 1906, it has prospered into a lively community! Take for instance the numerous yacht clubs hanging around, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, or the iconic Balboa Bay that locals and tourist a like love! Since numerous celebrities resided here, the city became more popular thanks to the hit series “Arrested Development.” Because of its geography –which extends five miles in length– there are beaches on the protected bay side and on the open ocean side. Eric’s painting brings a taste of this great Southern California city home to you and your loved ones. Enjoy!

Newport Beach


  • 1 These fish are super happy because Newport Beach is a very clean beach!
  • 2 You have to build sand castles when you’re at the beach; I mean who wouldn’t want to be king or queen of their own castle?
  • 3 George Sr., the father from the popular show Arrested Development.
  • 4 Dory Fleet Fish Market has been in operation since 1891 when a fisherman was tired of selling his fish to wholesalers and started selling to the public on the beach.
  • 5 Did you know that swimsuits have been around since 1915?
  • 6 Lindsay and Tobias are an interesting couple from the Arrested Development show.
  • 7 Look out for deceptive Lucille, the mother from Arrested Development.
  • 8 Thanks to wonderful weather year round, The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has been a tradition for over 100 years where all types of sea vessels light up and give viewers a fantastic show in December.
  • 9 Michael and his son George Michael are the responsible ones from the show Arrested Development
  • 10 The business in Arrested Development was based on the actual business, “Dad’s Original Frozen Banana.”
  • 11 The official seal for the City of Newport Beach since 1906.
  • 12 McFadden Square Sculpture is a bronze standing that was creating in 2006 to celebrate 100 years for Newport Beach.
  • 13 21 Ocean Front Restaurant offers fine dining of seafood and prime meats. Sounds delicious!
  • 14 Woobie the manatee driving the Mystery Machine. Why? It’s a mystery.
  • 15 Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel was built in 1907, a year after the Pavilion opened.
  • 16 Balboa Beach Pavilion was established in 1906 and has hosted 28 different types of business for 100 years and is located in the middle of the peninsula.
  • 17 Shout out to Rudy Gunter, Eric’s art teacher.
  • 18 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church was established in 1924.
  • 19 Brothers GOB and Buster, from Arrested Development, riding in a surrey.
  • 20 You cannot get to Bay Island with a car. It is only accessible via a small bridge, which can only fit golf carts.

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