Mount Vernon Christmas - Jigsaw Puzzle
Mount Vernon Christmas - Jigsaw Puzzle

Mount Vernon Christmas - Jigsaw Puzzle

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We often celebrate Christmas for one day of the year with family and friends to share memories with our loved ones. What’s interesting about Christmas time at Mount Vernon is that George and Martha Washington would celebrate Christmas for 12 days after the 25th of December. Gather around to hear the stories of George and Martha Washington’s holidays at Mount Vernon while uncovering all the great activities visitors shared while here: sleigh riding, caroling, eating candy canes, building snowmen, and even celebrating the nativity by the candlelight. If you know your history, you’ll discover some historical dates Eric hid throughout the painting of Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Christmas


  • 1 Mount Vernon is located in Fairfax County, Virginia.
  • 2 Carolers singing some favorite Christmas songs.
  • 3 Looks like some kids are excited for Christmas!
  • 4 The Washington Family Crest; the stars symbolize a “divine quality bestowed from above” and the color red conveys a warrior or military strength.
  • 5 George Washington transformed part of his estate into a haven for deer to roam without the fear of being hunted. This gave visitors the appearance that wild deer lived near George, while many of the deer were in fact tame.
  • 6 Fun ride for the little puppy!
  • 7 Classic candy canes are a must when celebrating Christmas!
  • 8 The date on the scarf is 1787, the year George Washington became the first president of the United States.
  • 9 January 6, 1759 is the date when George and Martha were married.
  • 10 George Washington died on December 14, 1799.
  • 11 One motto of the Washington family is “Virtue is the only nobility.”
  • 12 According to Washington’s ledger, he paid 18 shillings to purchase a camel to show off to his friends and family on December 29, 1787. Today, in honor of that Christmas, visitors during the Christmas season can see and pet a one humped camel, named Aladdin.
  • 13 Christmas was very much a religious holiday during George Washington’s time, hence the Nativity.
  • 14 After fighting in the Revolutionary War for eight years, George Washington was finally able to spend Christmas in 1783 on Mount Vernon.
  • 15 The holidays were George and Martha’s favorite time because family and friends would visit. One of George’s favorite activities to do with friends and family during the holidays was hunting.
  • 16 The Washington’s celebrated the holidays from Christmas Eve until January 6th because of the Epiphany.
  • 17 The Epiphany is The Twelfth Night religious Anglican celebration recognizing the day The Three Wise men visited Jesus in the manger.

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