Bristol - Jigsaw Puzzle
Bristol - Jigsaw Puzzle

Bristol - Jigsaw Puzzle

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This charming harbor town is Bristol, England. You might have heard that the book Treasure Island was written here at The Hole in the Wall, or that chocolate was invented here. But that’s just scratching the surface. Bristol is a town that touches people all over the world because of in the engineer Brunel and the phrase “shipshape and Bristol fashion.” See if you can find Eric’s first attempt at graffiti as well as you build Bristol with Eric’s puzzle or just enjoy the artwork.



  • 1 St Mary Redcliffe is the landmark you can’t miss since it’s 19th century spire reaches 292 feet into the air.
  • 2 Pirate Pete is the man who knows EVERYTHING about pirates, treasures, and the book Treasure Island, which was written here.
  • 3 Blackbeard, born in Bristol, is a legend among the pirate world.
  • 4 Andy made sure to let Eric experience a 10,000-year-old tradition, sheep sheering.
  • 5 The statue of William III stands as a symbol of the city’s loyalty.
  • 6 Where can you get the best hot air balloons? Ask Hannah, the owner of Cameron Balloons.
  • 7 If you play croquet (crow-kae) with Nick, you must dress the part.
  • 8 Karen’s personality made Thornbury Castle a memorable experience for Eric.
  • 9 If you want to learn about this charming harbor town, Sarah is the expert.
  • 10 Laura taught Eric about the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  • 11 Simon represented the ingenious engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel who created the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Bridge.
  • 12 Tina showed Eric the ropes when he attempted his first graffiti.
  • 13 Pero’s bridge is a monument for the slave Pero who lived in 1765.
  • 14 Statue of Neptune sits comfortably on top of a drinking fountain.
  • 15 Bristol Planetarium features a 3D experience for anyone to travel anywhere in the universe.
  • 16 A hero always needs a sword to protect the innocent.
  • 17 What does “shipshape and Bristol fashion” mean? Ships use to be stranded and tipped over in the harbor when the tide was out. So everything breakable needed to be tied down. The phrase basically means, do everything right the first time.
  • 18 The SS Great Britain was the first luxury ship to set sail and was invented by Isambard Brunel.
  • 19 The Clifton Suspension Bridge took Brunel 30 years to build. He died before it was ever finished.
  • 20 The first bungee jump took place from the Clifton Suspension Bridge on April 1, 1979.
  • 21 Eric’s description of England would be the beautiful rolling hills.
  • 22 The supersonic jet was made here in Bristol.
  • 23 Bristol is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons which come from Cameron Balloons.
  • 24 Cabot Tower was built almost entirely out of red sandstone.
  • 25 Wills Memorial Building took ten years to build and is one of the last Gothic buildings in England from the 1900’s.
  • 26 Clifton Cathedral can seat up to 1,000 people.

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