Best of the World - Jigsaw Puzzle
Best of the World - Jigsaw Puzzle
Best of the World - Jigsaw Puzzle
Best of the World - Jigsaw Puzzle

Best of the World - Jigsaw Puzzle

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The essence of folk art is to tell a story about the people, the culture, and their history in a unique way. Eric has been painting folk art for over 20 years, visiting famous cities like Paris, London, Sydney, Venice, and Bermuda. But since the world is much bigger, see what other cities you recognize in the painting that only you might know like, Whistler, Bristol, and Peggy’s Cove. Become a traveler and experience the stories only through Eric’s folk art in the Best of the World.

Best of the World


  • 1 Santa’s address is 325 S. Santa Claus Lane. North Pole, Alaska 99705.
  • 2 Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada was founded in 1811.
  • 3 Victoria, Canada is known as the City of Gardens.
  • 4 You will find no rats in Edmonton, Canada.
  • 5 Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada was created in 1888.
  • 6 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is known as the “End of the Earth.”
  • 7 North America is home to 23 countries.
  • 8 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was founded on 12 December 1851.
  • 9 Prince Edward Island, Canada is 2,170 square miles, only slightly larger than Delaware.
  • 10 St Thomas, US Virgin Islands is the only place in the US you drive on the left side of the road.
  • 11 Quebec, Canada motto is “Je me Souviens” or “I Remember.”
  • 12 Calgary, Canada is still referred to as Cow Town.
  • 13 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil means January River in English.
  • 14 Ottawa River was first explored in 1613.
  • 15 Florence, Italy was the first city in Europe to have paved streets.
  • 16 South America is home to 12 countries.
  • 17 The London Clock Tower is also called the Elizabeth Tower.
  • 18 Lake Louis is one of the most photographed sites in Canada.
  • 19 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada was founded in 1753.
  • 20 Some African Village huts are made of mud instead of sticks and straw.
  • 21 The word “Bahamas” means shallow water.
  • 22 Cancun, Mexico had few residents living on her island in 1970.
  • 23 Bermuda is famous for its pirate’s history.
  • 24 Copenhagen means “Merchant’s Harbor” and is located in Denmark.
  • 25 Rome, Italy was founded in 752 BC.
  • 26 Amsterdam is the capital of “The Netherlands” or Holland.
  • 27 Churchill, Canada is the polar bear capital of the world.
  • 28 Winnipeg, Canada was the first city in the world to develop the 911 emergency call.
  • 29 Barcelona, Spain is older than Rome.
  • 30 Granville Island, Canada is actually man made.
  • 31 Jerusalem, Israel has walls that are 40 feet tall and 8 feet thick.
  • 32 Paris, France was originally called “Lutetia.”
  • 33 Asia is home to 48 countries.
  • 34 Europe is home to 50 countries.
  • 35 Africa is the world’s oldest populated area.
  • 36 Taj Mahal was built to honor the memory of Shah Vahan’s favorite wife.
  • 37 An African Safari is an amazing experience.
  • 38 Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
  • 39 Montreal, Canada is named after a triple-peaked hill in the heart of Montreal.
  • 40 In Sydney, Australia the top three languages are English, Chinese, and Arabic.
  • 41 Sydney Opera House, an architectural marvel, opened in 1973.
  • 42 Paris is called the City of Lights because it was the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment.
  • 43 Australia is the sixth largest country in the world.
  • 44 Saint Martin is located in the Caribbean Sea.
  • 45 London Bridge was built in 1831.
  • 46 Venice, Italy has 417 bridges.
  • 47 Hong Kong mean “Fragrant Harbor.”
  • 48 Quebec Holiday is the world’s largest winter carnival.
  • 49 Bristol, UK is the world’s biggest hot air balloon manufacturers.
  • 50 Whistler, Canada was originally called “London Mountain.”

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