5 Things to do with your Completed Puzzles

The Holidays are here, and that means delicious food, games, activities, and especially puzzles! Puzzles are great to do together while listening to Christmas music, watching movies, or just talking to each other. Here's the problem, though: What do you do with your completed masterpiece of a puzzle after Christmas ends or after midnight hits on New Year? Chances are, it sits out on your table until Valentine's Day until you finally have to move it.

We've researched some creative things to do with your puzzles after they've been solved. Our hope is that maybe one of them finds its way into your holiday traditions!

1) Give Them to Charity.

None of us want clutter. It does sound depressing, however, to solve the same puzzle over and over in the name of minimalism. The beautiful thing is that while you may have already solved a puzzle image, there are billions of people in the world who haven't done that particular puzzle. Consider donating it to an old-folks home or a hospital. Both of these places have high enough traffic to allow an increased number of people to enjoy your donated puzzle.

2) Take it Apart in Sections.

While you might love doing 500pc or 1000pc puzzles, it's hard for younger children to participate when the piece count gets too high. Consider taking the puzzle apart in sections and putting those sections in Ziploc bags so that kids can work on smaller, more manageable parts of the puzzle next time!

3) Save it for Next Year.

Avid puzzlers might go through 3 puzzles a month, so it might be too dull to have a puzzle library of only 3-4 puzzles for them. However, if your puzzle is Christmas-themed and you really like the image, you might save it for next year when you've had some time away from it.

4) Record your Time and Try to Beat it.

Every puzzle has a different difficulty level, so it's hard to always know if you're improving your puzzle skills. One way to make a puzzle's worth go further is to time how long it takes for you to complete it and then in a couple of months pull it out and try to beat the time. Maybe even have a leaderboard so that other family members can try to beat the fastest time.

5) Decorate your Home.

The debate whether puzzles should be art is contentious, but if you love the image and don't want to spring for a print, why not glue it together and hang it on the wall. You could even do something creative with the pieces to decorate pencil holders or coffee tables. It's your puzzle; why not be creative!

We all know how great doing a puzzle during the holidays is. It's just not a breeze to store an entire library of puzzles in your closet because you don't know what to do with them. Give one or two of these ideas a try and comment below if you have different puzzle traditions that might help our readers!