Painting the Town of Hong Kong

Ever wonder what one of the tallest cities in the world looks like? Come catch a glimpse as Eric travels to Hong Kong, the skyscraper capital of the world, and visits the Cantonese Opera, rides on a dragon boat, and helps care for a giant panda.

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  • Brenda Lee

    Love your work and especially the box that my puzzle came in. Dog walkers. I opened it and worked hard getting it together (into the wee hours) had a bit left before I went to bed. In the morning started to work again and low and behold 2 pieces were missing, has this happened to anyone else? THE BOX WAS SEALED. Only 3 adults in the house. I didn’t move it, looked under , over and in between every thing. But it was fun with the beautiful colors and subject matter. Keep up the good work.

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