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"Why do you make so many 100-piece puzzles? They are too easy."

It is a great question. Many people look at the 100-piece jigsaw puzzles as “baby” puzzles. Yes, these are an excellent diversion for young children. However, these are the perfect size to do with my grandchildren, who are 4 – 8 years old. Building a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle with a child teaches them patience, logic, self-worth, and gives them a sense of accomplishment, so important at that stage of life. It builds fond memories and bonds as the challenge is faced together. While they do serve a younger audience well, here are some other fun ideas.

Party Jigsaw Puzzles: 100-piece jigsaw puzzles are great at parties. Use one as an icebreaker/conversation starter. Put a jigsaw puzzle on a table and put most of the border together. You will be surprised how they will attract people to congregate and begin conversing as they put the jigsaw puzzle together (you may have to disassemble it from time to time.) 100-piece jigsaw puzzles have the perfect “do-ability” factor in attracting everyone at your holiday party.

Team Builder and Contest: Get 2 or 3 on the same jigsaw puzzle. Divide into teams, giving one puzzle to each team. Set the rules you want beforehand; we usually say that the puzzle must stay in the plastic bag until the “Go.” The teams race to complete their puzzle the quickest. Afterward, you can discuss what they felt worked well as teams and could have improved the process or award a prize to the fastest.

Couples time: If you enjoy the stress relief and conversation-starting nature of jigsaw puzzles but don’t have a space to leave a larger puzzle up for a while, 100-piece jigsaw puzzles are the best. You and your significant other can gather around a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and, within a short time, complete it together and have a meaningful conversation at the same time. Jigsaw puzzles open up communication.

Challenge yourself: Use a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle to challenge your mental agility. Time yourself and see if you can beat your personal best.

These are a few suggestions on how 100-piece jigsaw puzzles can be used. We would like to hear some of your ideas, thoughts, and stories about 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. Experiment with different jigsaw puzzle sizes and let us know how you use them; they do inspire creativity. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Pat

    My mom has dementia and the 100 and 60 piece puzzles are the only ones that she can do. It is awesome that Dowdle has so many interesting and colorful puzzles that she can do! She feels so proud of herself when she finishes one of these puzzles!

  • Debby

    I could hardly believe that you left out that 100 piece puzzles may be all that the elderly, particularly with dementia are able to do any longer. Also larger pieces are easier for the elderly who are losing fine motor dexterity as well as vision. And remember the physically handicapped and mentally challenged populations too. While I am perfectly happy to work 100 piece puzzle with fairies in them, my 92 year old mom is NOT. She wants lovely landscapes with cottages and gardens; and you don’t find many of those in 100 pieces. I wish there were more adult theme puzzles in the 100 piece format.

  • Kim

    The 100 piece puzzles are perfect for doing with grandchildren. Mine all started at about 3 or 4 years old and love to do them. I have 7 grandkids and oldest is 6 years old. I just bought a puzzle board for each families Christmas gift and I’m giving them each a Christmas puzzle this year. Your puzzles are great “family” gifts.


    As a 70-year old retired senior, I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles. The large size of the 100-piece puzzles are perfect. When completed, they are so beautiful. Please continue making 100-piece puzzles!

  • Melissa

    I like 500 piece puzzles and I think I pretty much have all of them

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