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What's on Your Bucket List

Do you have a "Bucket List?" Most of us are familiar with the term Bucket List. It refers to the list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." Research shows that this is a relatively new term. The consensus seems to point to it originating with screenwriter Justin Zackham, who had composed a list called "Justin's list of things to do before I kick the bucket." He shortened it to "Justin's Bucket List." The top item on his list was to have a screenplay produced by a Hollywood studio. He then realized that his "list" would be a fun story idea, which led him to write the screenplay for "The Bucket List." The script went on to be produced by Hollywood and star Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Talk about making your dreams come true.

So, do you have a bucket list?  There are some common items on many lists. Some of these items are:

  1. See the Northern Lights.
  2. Go skydiving.
  3. Get a Tattoo.
  4. Go on a Cruise.
  5. Swim with Dolphins.
  6. Get Married.
  7. Go Scuba Diving.
  8. Run a Marathon.
  9. Buy a House.
  10. Go Zip-Lining.


It seems bucket list items fall into several categories; overcoming fears, life milestones, self-improvement, and life experiences. These are all things we should be working on. 

And Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander Time; for that's the Stuff Life is made of." That pretty much sums up why we make bucket lists, it seems, making the most of our time of life. Just what constitutes "squander(ing) Time" is as varied as there are people to proffer a definition.  To one, "squandering" time may be taking a nap, while to another, taking a nap may be the reward for having gone through a stressful period or accomplishing some big tasks. We each have our allotment of time, and this is the great equalizer. 24 hours a day, that's what we all get.  Every man, woman, child, bird, fish, lizard, mammal, or crawly on this world has the same 24 hours to do with what they will.  The total number of those 24-hour periods we each get will vary and, to some extent, is determined by what we do with each 24.

Because of this equal allotment of time in a day, the bucket list becomes a personal yardstick for each individual to measure what we want to make of our lives, and it is quite personal. To some, globe-trotting may be the objective. Others may see pushing the limits of their ability may be the ticket. Some may have their joy fulfilled in establishing a family, and still, others may set their sights on conquering the limits of inner space. In reviewing popular items on bucket lists, one thing became apparent, in the course of just living life, we can fulfill items that are other people's dreams. What seems like the daily course of life to one may be another's aspiration.  In establishing a bucket list, one item should be to inventory your life and acknowledge what you have accomplished, celebrate yourself.

It is not for any other to judge your idea of success and accomplishment. It is for you to determine what gives your life meaning and then pursue those aims, whatever and wherever they may be; win or lose, succeed or fail. As long as your "fell down" column is not more than "got back up" column, you are winning. Getting out and making an effort is the key. My philosophy has always been:

It's better to try than do nothing at all.

It's better to do than just try.

And, it's best to succeed in whatever we're called;

We should endeavor to live, not just live here to die.

Make your list and write it down. A goal not written down is just a wish.

We have been sequestered for quite a while with this pandemic. Now things are beginning to open up again—what a perfect time to review or create a bucket list. There is nothing too big for you to do if you commit to it.  With the introspection of having not being able to go and to do versus now having the possibilities, we challenge you to engage with our new mascot, Rocky the Rooster, to WAKE UP- and….DO – dle (sorry I couldn't resist.) Take Rocky with you and show us what new directions and adventures that have you Waking Up.  We want to know, "What is on your Bucket List?"

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